How To Keep Your Glasses Clean And Clear

November 8, 2022


Your glasses are exposed to a lot during the course of the day. Not only do they protect your eyes from the elements, but they’re also subjected to the skin’s natural oils and sweat. Dust, grime, and dirt, therefore, are always building up on the surface of your spectacles. 

Cleaning your glasses regularly isn’t just important to maintain a clear field of vision. It’s also important for lengthening their lifespan. But if you clean them in the wrong way, you could end up causing damage. So, here are some top tips for keeping your glasses clean and clear at all times. 

Cleaning Your Lenses

Before you clean the lenses of your glasses, you need to ensure your hands are clean. Wash them with water and soap thoroughly before starting to clean. That will ensure no viruses or bacteria get transferred onto the surface and also makes sure no oil from your skin smudges or smears the lenses. 

Once your hands are dirt-free, spray each side of the lens with a lens cleaner. Rub the lenses gently with a cloth, wiping the solution away. Lens cleaners are the best way to ensure lenses remain streak free since you won’t need to dry the lens afterward. Only use a special lens cloth, not a paper towel, item of clothing, or dishcloth as they could leave dirt or dust particles on the lenses resulting in micro scratches. 

Don’t use any cleaning products or soaps containing chemicals or ammonia. The special coatings on your lenses are sensitive to these chemicals. Avoid breathing onto the lenses too as the result will be even more smudges and smears. 

Cleaning Your Frames

Not only do you need to clean your lenses, you also have to clean the frames to get rid of bacteria and dirt. Use some soapy warm water and a cloth to wipe the frames gently. Hold the glasses at the side of their frames during the cleaning process so the frames don’t become bent or warped. Once the frames are clean, wipe the glasses dry using a microfiber cloth or lens cloth. You can clean the areas around your glasses’ hinges by using a toothbrush dipped in soapy water. Take care to avoid the lenses when doing this though since the bristles may damage them. 

What Should I Avoid Using To Clean Glasses?

There are certain products that you should definitely avoid when it comes to keeping your glasses clean. For example, hand sanitizer should be avoided as they’re alcohol based and that could damage your lenses’ special materials and coatings. Furthermore, sanitizer could get into your eyes and cause harm and pain. Alcohol wipes should also be avoided since alcohol is harsh and could easily damage your lenses. 

Top Tips For Caring For Your Glasses

Here are a few top tips to help you care properly for your glasses and prolong their lifespan: 

  • Hold your glasses in both hands by the frames. When you put them away, put them in the case upside down to reduce the chance of the lenses being scratched. 
  • Always keep your glasses inside their case when they aren’t being used to keep them safe from dirt, damage, and dust. 
  • Don’t store your glasses in hot locations like your car as it could warp the lenses or make the special coating peel off.

Once you’ve found the perfect pair of glasses for you, you’ll want to keep them safe from harm and make sure that they keep your vision crystal clear. You can check out this link to find a discount code for a pair of stylish glasses that you’ll want to wear every day!

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