5 Things to remember when choosing a jumpsuit

October 4, 2019

Most women consider jumpsuits to be too much of a hassle. Jumpsuits fall into the “formal” category of clothing so there is little room for mistake. However, if your jumpsuit is well shaped and works with your physique then you will always steal the show.

You can minimize the risk by keeping it simple i.e. plain solid colors, well fitted, and of appropriate length. These are three most important things which you need to keep in mind while purchasing a jumpsuit or romper for women. Moreover, the fabric of the jumpsuits also needs your attention as it pretty much determines that whether you can, or cannot, wear your jumpsuit to a particular event. Lastly, you also need to consider your jumpsuit to be more of an investment because you will be wearing them for a long period of time.

Further in the article, we have elaborated, one by one, the five things which you need to remember when choosing a jumpsuit.


First and foremost, you need to be careful of fitting of the jumpsuit which you intend to purchase. It amazes me that how beautiful one can look in the (one piece) jumpsuit if it fits them well. Contrarily, if a jumpsuit doesn’t fit you well, your body seems to be completely lost in it. Therefore, a special attention should be paid on the fittings.

  • Waist is the first place where you can face trouble if the jumpsuit is not a good fit. If it is too tight from the waist, it can cause strain on your muscles. Whereas, a jumpsuit which is loose from the waist will not does any justice to you figure?
  • Shoulders of your jumpsuit also need to be in shape because if it’s tight there, it can cause pain in your neck. Moreover, if your jumpsuit is well fitted from the shoulders and the waist, it will automatically fit well on the rest of your body.
  • Hips need to be brought into consideration when checking the fitting of a jumpsuit. The one-piece jumpsuit can look absurd if it is fit from your waist and shoulders but loose or extra tight on the hips. So, the fitting of your jumpsuit should go well along the shape of your hips.


Secondly, you should be very much focused on the color of your jumpsuit. Primarily, it should be the same color. However, you can also purchase multicolored jumpsuits but you need to take care of the contrast here. Purchasing multicolored jumpsuits is not usually recommended because their sobriety is usually lost when multiple shades are added to jumpsuits.

  • Solid colors are most frequently used in jumpsuits. Dark brown, maroon, olive green, navy blue or jet black; these are the colors which we recommend for your next jumpsuit.
  • In case of a multi colored jumpsuit you should make sure that both the colors are in contrast. This will make it look livelier and brighter. For instance, in a black jumpsuit you can add white contrast along the waist or at the back. Whereas, if you’d use grey color instead of white on the black colored jumpsuit, it will simply make your suit look dull and boring.


Third thing which should have your unwarranted attention, when it comes to deciding a jumpsuit is the length.

  • Too short a jumpsuit can destroy the whole element of grace and elegance which you wish to have. It will affect the shape of the garment on your hips. Particularly, when you sit your jumpsuit will move a few inches further up which can be problematic at times.
  • Too long jumpsuit can ruin the element of fashion. Moreover, it will also blanket the shape of your legs; and can ruin the looks of your shoes too.

Therefore, a special focus should be laid on the length of your jumpsuit when you are out to purchase one.


Another thing which you need to keep in mind while buying a jumpsuit is its fabric. Carefully select the fabric you wish to have for your jumpsuit because it will affect the overall outlook of your attire. Its shape and design most importantly. Moreover, you should opt for one which can be used in all seasons and to all kind of events.

  • In summers, you can simply wear the jumpsuit with heels or even sandals, depending upon the event.
  • Whereas, in winters you can use the same jumpsuit by layering it with a blazer or a cardigan. You can also use a scarf with your jumpsuit during the winters.


The last thing which requires focus while getting a jumpsuit is that you should treat it like a proper investment. Quality jumpsuits are expensive and you must not spend your hard-earned money on buying a lot of these. Therefore, you should think well before putting your money in to one.

  • Jumpsuits are expensive and you cannot have different jumpsuits for different weathers or events. Therefore, you should invest only in those which can be carried anywhere without any difficulty.
  • Avoid paying for low quality jumpsuit because you won’t be able to use them in all sorts of events or functions.

These are the five most important things which you need to consider during the process of purchasing a jumpsuit. With right fitting and length, you can look as beautiful as you can possibly can. Secondly, the one-piece jumpsuits save you from the trouble of mixing and matching all the articles you have in your wardrobe. You simply need to select the color and then just hop in. However, the colors of your jumpsuits also need to be selected very carefully. The fabric of your jumpsuit needs to be selected after due care. In the end, we will simply say that your jumpsuits are your investment. Once purchased, you are going to use them for a long duration. So, make sure that you invest your money in right kind of jumpsuits.

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