Solutions For Mothers Dealing With Problem Areas In Their Family

October 4, 2019

In the journey of parenting, there are many situations where it feels like the world is against you. Your child is uncomfortable and needs you, but the rest of the world moves on. How do you deal with both? You might even feel like you are on an island and managing the situation is pushing you to the edge.

The good news is, even in times where you feel alone, there are many people that have dealt with the same situations you are dealing with. Think about it this way, many children have been raised successfully and you have all the information from that long history to help make your job easier.

Easier does not mean easy. But, parenting isn’t supposed to be easy either. We suffer for our children and the best we can do is the best we can do. Think about the biggest problem areas that you have with raising your children and realize there is an array of information waiting for you on how to handle these problems. 

The internet is a great resource for parenting advice beyond the network you have immediately available to you. 

Here are some of the top problems areas that you might be experiencing with your child (or your family in general) and ideas on how to solve them:


Whether it is car or air travel, children can be a handful during family outings. Especially if we have been in the situation of listening to the crying baby nearby us on the plane, we can feel everyone growing impatient around us. 

Do not allow the imagined judgements and pressures of others to make you feel like a bad parent. If they have children, they understand the challenge you are going through. And, if they do not, let them judge when they are experiencing what you are.

Car travel is a more private challenge, but a real one when it comes to the safety of the family. Think about, research, and experiment with different strategies to keep your children under control in the car. 

For air travel, do your research. Ear trouble can be a big problem for kids with flying so, knowing how to handle that and other situations will be to your advantage. 


Your sleep is important just like the sleep of your child. Unfortunately, if they are awake, they would like you to be. Couples without children talk about sleeping late and it can provoke you to attack. Again, do not hate them for ignorance. Someday, they will know and you will smile. 

Beware of developing a dependence on caffeine to keep you going but, at the same time, do not make yourself feel guilty for needing the boost. Somethings are outside of your control and as much as you try to manage your child’s sleep patterns, they will not always mold to your wishes.

Private Time

While your child needs attention, your relationship with your partner needs to be nurtured as well. If this is ignored, it can cause a serious rift in the relationship which can have negative effects on the child as well.

Do what you can to find help for private time. Family, friends, play dates, daycares. All of these might provide you with an opening for a little alone time. When you get it, do not take it for granted.

Do not neglect your partner when you have a chance to be with them. Research creative ways to create alone time and, most importantly, be with each other in those moments.


Social development for your children is important. Kids will always do things that are inappropriate. It is their way of testing boundaries to discover how they should behave around others. 

They need their parents and other authority figures to guide them through this learning process. Building relationships is an important part of that, but it is not always an easy addition for a parent to take into their lives. Collaborate with other parents and figure out ways that you can help each other.

Solving Problem Areas 

There is a lot of information out there and a lot of people talking as if their way is the only answer. Do not feel like you need to take everybody’s advice. 

Parenting is a task of a lifetime and something you will be doing for the rest of your life. You will not be perfect, but you can always strive to learn and improve.

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