A Complete Beginner’s Guide For Maintaining A Brand New Hatchback Car

October 4, 2019

One of the greatest things about new cars is that they need less touch-ups and service compared to old cars. For example, changing the spark plugs, breaker points and condenser used to be something people would do quite often, but now spark plugs can go for at least 160,000 kilometres without changing. Nowadays, transmissions are lubed for life, and rust warranties can last up to six years or more. Most new models can go up to 320,000 kilometres if the car has been maintained properly. 

A hatchback is a great car with lots of room for storage. Not only that, but it also looks great and when you are driving it — you feel great. Here are a few tips on how to maintain your brand new hatchback.

Check The Engine Oil

This one is pretty important. Keep in mind to check your engine oil and do it regularly. Since your hatchback is brand new, you can check once a month. If you run into problems and notice an oil leak, check the oil routinely. Park your car on a flat surface so you can get an accurate dipstick reading.

Check Tyre Air Pressure

Once a month, use a tire-pressure gauge to check the inflation pressure in all of your tyres. Do not forget the spare! Make sure to do this before driving your vehicle for the day because all the tyres will be cold.

Hatchbacks tend to weigh more than sedans. There are extra body structures, glass, and the tailgate to consider. This might be anywhere from a number of additional pounds up to 100 or more. This is why it is vital to make sure your hatchback cars stay in good shape, so you can drive it for a long time.

The recommended pressure can be easily found in the user’s manual, which you should browse through before checking the air pressure. Inspect your hatchback’s tyres for uneven wear, cuts or sidewall bulges.

Wash Your Car Regularly

Since your car is brand new, you will probably drive it around all over town. After a long drive, a car is bound to get dirty from the outside. Try to wash your car every 3 days, and if you do not use it daily — every week. Wash the body, hose out the fender wells and undercarriage to remove dust, grime and dirt.

If you drive your car daily, it is recommended to change the engine oil every three months. At every oil change, make sure to check the following things, too.

  • The Air Filter

Remove the air filter and hold it up to a strong light. If you cannot see the light, replace it immediately.

  • Exhaust System

When taking your hatchback for an oil change, check for rusted exhaust parts that might need to be replaced. You can also use this time to tighten loose clamps. Make sure to do this when the car is up on the ramps so you have easy access. You can also listen to changes in the exhaust system while you are driving. If you feel like it needs a change, try to replace the entire system rather than repairing each section at a time from xforce.co.uk.

  • Brakes

Keep in mind to check your brakes every time you change the oil. Remove all the wheels and take a good look at the brake system. Your brakes should be changed twice every year. If you drive your car a lot, they might need to change more times.

By following these maintenance steps, your hatchback will stay in shape for a long time.

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