The Many Attractions of Bump Gates

October 5, 2019

Do you find anything common between hit and run gates, drive through gates and Bump gates? Yes, the answer is simple because they are one and the same as the name originates from the way the gate operates.  When a vehicle approaching a farm wants to get past the gate fitted with a mechanical upgrade kit, the moment the bumper of the vehicle hits the gate gently it activates the gate opening mechanism that unlatches the gate which starts moving back as the vehicle progresses and finally passes through. Soon after the vehicle is gone, the gate would once again come back to the closing position firmly secured in place by latches. The mechanical gate opener makes it extremely convenient to open and close farm gates without any assistance.

Save time and money

Installing bump gates saves money because the kit is very affordable and needs low maintenance, once you install it, there would be hardly any need to look after it because it can withstand all kinds of weather. Moreover, since the gate opens and closes without the need for stopping the vehicle but driving it at very slow speed, it saves fuel or gas, which adds to more cost-saving.  Enabling a smooth drive through the gates saves time besides providing a very pleasing experience.

Very user-friendly

Farm gates that use mechanical devices for opening and closing are highly user-friendly because it does not require any manual intervention to activate. You need not do anything except to drive the vehicle right up to the gate so that the bumper gently pushes the padded arm of the gate and soon the gate unlatches and start swinging back to provide the thoroughfare that the vehicle needs to proceed ahead. It is so convenient to use that you will keep wondering how the gate could open on its own and even close again after you cross it.

Suitable for all property sizes

Bump gates discussed here are suitable for any size of the property – from big farms and ranches to smaller acreage properties and even golf courses. Its affordable cost, together with very low maintenance, makes it a great choice for small property owners.  But when installing on small properties, you must keep in mind that it is a swinging gate and there must be enough space around the gate to enable it to open fully to allow vehicles to pass through. This problem does not arise with electrically operated automatic gates which can also be of the sliding type.

Versatile and flexible

Bump gates are quite versatile, and the flexibility of installing it on any size of property at affordable cost enhances its attraction. Although the mechanical upgrade kit for converting manually operated gates into bump gates are meant for permanent installation, it is also possible to mount it on portable posts to move it from one location to another.

 The design of Bump gates ensure that the gate remains to open very briefly for the time it takes for the vehicle to pass through and soon closes firmly, thereby ensuring complete safety and security.

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