Five Reasons A Pest Control Company Is Your Only Hope

October 6, 2019

Have you ever had that one experience where a creepy crawler suddenly interrupts your nature call? Or when a rodent sneaks into your closet? Are you tired of keeping your sweets safe from small intruders that we call as “ants”? Then you probably have a pest issue on hand. 

Pests are annoying and most of the time destructive. Some pests are unnoticeable. In addition, in most cases like in termites, you only come to notice them when their effects are already irreversible. Often our first line of defense are those store-bought bug sprays and traps. However, when their occurrences are becoming frequent and the infestation is already severe, a reliable pest control service is your go to.

While the store-bought defense might seem effective, it is more likely that you are only getting the pests that you see. You really do not get the root-cause of the problem and leaving it unaddressed is a much bigger problem. We spoke with a San Mateo pest control company, and here are five reasons a pest control company is your only hope:

Traces Of Pest Litter Everywhere

From tiny black spots to cockroach eggs, pests leave traces of their litter everywhere. Often these litters carry harmful bacteria that could make your family sick. Leaving these pests untreated poses a huge danger to your family. 

The Damage Is Real

You wake up one morning to prepare breakfast. Suddenly you found a torn-bitten part of the cereal box. Most likely, a rodent already took your breakfast. From books to food carton boxes and clothes, rodents would try to eat through your stuff. Yes, the damage is indeed real and a headache. Let the Pest Control Company handle this for you.

Store-Bought Solutions Do More Harm Than Good

Using different types of over-the-counter pesticides can be harmful to you and your family. These pesticides contain harmful ingredients that have bad effects on your health. Do not risk your family’s health. Seek a professional to do the treatment. Pest control companies have qualified technicians who know the safe ways to use such chemicals for your family’s safety. You need to protect your business with Drake Lawn & Pest Control, one of the top commercial pest control services in Orlando.

Extreme Infestation

Having pests sighting once in a while is manageable thru store-bought solutions (though it has harmful effects as mentioned above). However, when you get them every day and their number is increasing, then it is an extreme infestation already. Only the pest control company can manage that.

There Is An Epidemic

Worst comes to worst, an epidemic broke out in your community. Over-the-counter solutions will not do any good. Instead of risking it, at this scale of a problem, a pest control company is the only solution. 

Why sacrifice your family over a few dollars. While pest control services could sometimes be expensive, it is still the best option. As they say, “prevention is better than the cure”.

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