Impress the Guests: How to Throw a Luxury Party For Someone’s Birthday

October 7, 2019

Do you love to party? Everyone does! There is no disputing that, especially when science has gone out of its way to find out why.

We all have this primordial need to bond and communicate with other humans, and parties offer the perfect opportunity to do those things and more. Today, we use it to widen our networks and meet other influential people.

But what is the perfect excuse to throw a party? A birthday celebration, of course, but anything can be a reason for a party.

If you want to throw someone a birthday party, why not take it up a notch and make it luxurious? Do not worry, you have this guide to help you throw a great luxury party. Read on to find out how:

1. Choose A Theme

First, you have to pick a theme for the party. Imagine what the birthday celebrant will enjoy. Prioritize it above what you think will impress the guests better.

You might, for example, prefer a lavish masquerade ball with black and white motif, but you know that the celebrant is more a fan of bright colors or not a fan of cheesy balls. That idea will not work; it will at your party but not on another person’s.

If you want it to be extra special, though, be creative. Throw a ‘70s party, wherein guests must arrive in their glam attires. Get bold with an Arabian Nights-themed party or host a Victorian-era gathering.

The theme is going to be important; it will dictate everything from the venue to the invitation cards. Take your time in picking the best one that the celebrant will appreciate.

2. Hire An Event Planner

Even if you are dead set on planning the party yourself, hiring the best event management service in Singapore can assist you in small matters. You can choose the venue yourself, but your event planner can book it for you. If your theme will require a lot of effort, he/she can make it happen.

He/she will also assist you in making sure everything goes as planned on the day of the event. The team will work behind the scenes so everything goes smoothly.

3. Find A Venue

Next, find a venue that can accommodate the number of guests you are planning and your theme.

A banquet hall is a classic, but you do not have to go traditional. Spice up your luxury party a little bit by holding it elsewhere, like in a winery, atrium, botanical garden, lakeside, yacht, or even a luxury ranch.

A yacht sounds good, but it is a bit limited when it comes to the number of guests you can invite. Read this ultimate guide if you are planning a luxury yacht birthday party for your loved one.

In these settings, you do not need to do much styling because the place already exudes sophistication and elegance. They are much more interesting, too, with lots of elements for the guests to talk about.

This gives you more freedom to pay attention to the other essential parts of the party, like the food and program.

4. Get The Menu Right

The guests may forget what the celebrant wore when you held the party, or what theme you used, but they will never forget what you fed them. This makes the meal almost the most important part of the party.

When curating the menu, try to cater to all dietary restrictions. Someone attending might be vegan, for instance. Make sure to have something excellent for them to eat.

Take note of allergies, too. While it won’t be possible to choose a whole menu everyone will enjoy, you can personalize individual meals for them.

The invitation provides a good chance for them to specify their food requirements. When they RSVP, they can mention their allergies and whatever restrictions they may have. Make sure you include a prompt in the invitation so they do not forget.

Choose some hors d’oeuvres, as well, so people have something they can munch on all night long. Do not forget to accommodate the dietary restrictions of your guests here, too.

For the drinks, add both alcohol and non-alcoholic drinks. Get a bar, if possible, so people can order whatever they want. When it comes to luxury party drinks, there is no shortage of options, and whisky is an excellent choice among them. The whisky stock provides a type of whisky that can range from a smooth and light flavor to a smoky and robust taste.

Go to a lot of food tasting events and do not hesitate to lay out all your requirements. It must all be delicious and in line with your theme.

5. Create A Program

To get the party going, you must have a program. The first thing to do is to acknowledge the celebrant and make a toast to him/her. You can include a special part that’s all about the celebrant.

Then, plan activities that will encourage everyone to participate. That way, they will feel more included in the festivities.

At the end of the night, let the guests dance. They will mingle on their own at this part of the night and it may even end up being their favorite.

6. Get Some Good Music

The music is the life of the party, having a direct influence on the mood of the event. Hire a band for the cocktails hour, but choose music that will encourage people to converse with each other.

During the program, make sure the music sets the mood but does not overpower the speeches and activities. During the meal, keep things sweet and mellow. You do not want to get the crowd moving yet.

For the after-party, get a DJ. He/she will know exactly what tunes to play to get the guests on the dance floor.

7. Send Out The Invitations

As soon as the theme and venue are ready, you can send out the invitations. Do not forget to include details like the dress code and what to bring.

Keep it in line with your theme. That way, you can already plant an idea into your guests’ minds about how the party’s going to go.

Enjoy Your Luxury Party

As the host, you have to make sure everyone, especially the celebrant, has a good time, as well.

Once you have ironed out all the kinks, there’s nothing left to do but enjoy the party. Leave the messes and emergencies to the staff.

Looking for more great tips? We have you covered. If you need more tips for a smooth-sailing luxury party, check out our other articles.

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