Breathing New Life Into An Old Kitchen: Should You Refinish Your Existing Furniture Or Buy New One?

October 24, 2019

Every kitchen is packed with different kinds of furniture. Whether it is the traditional dining set or cabinets that are constructed out of antique wood, almost all wooden items in your kitchen appeal in their own way. Although attractive, wooden materials tend to degrade with time leading to the loss of its aesthetic qualities. That being said, there are reasons why you should consider refinishing your furniture as opposed to buying a new one.

Saving the Environment

Refinishing your furniture, as opposed to buying a new one, helps in saving the environment. This is something most Kitchen Remodel Companies are aware of, and that is why these businesses are willing to help whenever possible. Creating a new table would mean taking over more carbon than it would be the case if the kitchen furniture were to be refinished. Additionally, with kitchen remodeling and refinishing, you will be in a position to save money, because finishing wood is less costly. Re-staining or repainting will cost you a fraction of what you would spend buying new furniture. For these reasons, furniture refinishing is the most effective solution for homeowners looking to save the environment and save money in the process.

Value Preservation

When you refinish your wood furniture, you will be preserving its value. Maintenance is essential in ensuring that your kitchen furniture lasts longer. Much like maintaining the roof of your house, it is imperative to remain vigilant when it comes to furniture maintenance.

In addition to value preservation, refinishing wood furniture makes it possible for you to create a new style without having to search for new furniture to attain a similar look. For instance, if you want to make your kitchen more modern, you can alter the surface by making it darker so it can appear more contemporary.

When to Buy a New Furniture

There is a lot involved when it comes to buying new furniture. First, you will need to get rid of the old one by disposing or selling it. Neither of these options is fun, and one of them is not a pleasant choice. It is always important to conserve the environment by minimizing the accumulation of landfills, which is why refinishing is always the most preferred option. However, if you feel like you have lost touch with your old furniture and buying a new one is the only option for you, then you will need to look for furniture that meets your preferences in terms of color, shape, and size. Moreover, if your furniture is shattered, that is a sign that the time has come to buy a new one. Also, if the furniture has been severely damaged by water, then you have no option but to replace it with a new one.

Bottom Line

The decision to buy or refinish your furniture depends on you. This article only offers a guide to assist you in making the best decision possible regarding your furniture. If you feel like you are stuck in making a choice between buying and refinishing, you can always seek the opinion of remodelling experts.

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