2020 Plumbing Updates for Homeowners that you Should Not Miss

October 28, 2019

We’re on the last quarter of 2019! We’re going to welcome 2020 before we know it and we must start preparing now before we get caught up with the holiday fever. You know what we mean when we say this, right?

So today, in this post, we’re going to focus on one thing that we usually neglect when remodeling our home for the coming year. Little did we know, neglecting this element of your home will not only have a negative impact on your interior design but can also degrade the structural integrity of your property.

Touch kitchen faucets

How old is your kitchen faucet? Is it rusty now or stained with permanent marks? Maybe it’s time to replace your kitchen (or even bathroom) faucets with the newest 2020 model! Curious how it works? We were too! What we love about the latest faucets is that they have a touch technology where there are parts of the faucet that you need to touch to turn it on or off. What’s more is that the faucet head is detachable and imbued with a spray technology. This means the faucet head can reach the leftmost and rightmost parts of the sink for easier cleaning!

Asymmetrical mirror

Although without any technology involved, asymmetrical mirrors are great additions to your bathroom for the mere fact that they are beautiful and artistic! Say goodbye to your regular square, round, or rectangle mirror and open your doors to asymmetrical ones that serve both as a vanity fixture and an interior design feature!

Shower system with touchscreen

Another product of the 21st first century technology is the shower system with a touchscreen device connected to it. We know you want to ask if its safe for your bathroom when it works with electricity. Rest assured that the touchscreen technology incorporated in the newest shower system model is safe to use in any water-surrounded bathroom. To be sure, hire kiasu plumber pro to recommend a shower system that works for you and install the same to your bathroom.

Industrial plumbing fixture

We’ve heard that this 2020, the industrial look to plumbing fixtures will get even more popular. When we say industrial fixtures, we refer to those white enameled steel sinks with black lining, exposed pipes under, and a very minimal and unfinished look. They are best partnered with unpolished steel shelves in brass or bronze colors. Plumbing fixtures with the industrial style fits all colors, be it pastel, black, grey, or matte.

Gold and brass are coming back

In this post, we are not recommending any brand but the different styles of bathroom and kitchen fixtures that you should consider when you’re about to replace what’s in your house for 2020. And one style that will come back to the trends for the coming year is the gold and brass look. You can incorporate this style to your bathroom or kitchen by choosing shower heads, sink p-traps and faucets with the brass or golden hue. We tell you, if you start changing your bathroom and kitchen fixtures into these colors, yours will be trendy next year!

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