How To Turn Your Parenting Skills Into A Career

October 28, 2019

Becoming a parent is a life changing experience and your whole world becomes focused on your new arrival. Careers are usually put on hold whilst your baby grows, as nurturing the early stages of their life really is a full time job. There becomes a time however, when new parents will look to head back to the professional world and get back to earning an income for their newly expanded family. While many choose to simply return to their old job following a maternity break, many individuals take the opportunity to start a new career altogether. 

A priority might be the ability to work from home in order to spend time with the kids and never miss out on important milestones in their life or it could be a simple desire for a fresh start and a different challenge, whatever the motivation is behind it, this is the perfect time to embark on another chapter in life. After spending so much time around the kids, many parents choose to use their new life skills to their advantage, and seek out a career that utilizes their parenting knowledge. Below are some career paths that could be considered which utilize your parenting knowledge:


Understanding what it takes to look after a child is an essential skill to becoming a babysitter and this occupation can be developed into a serious business or career should you want it to. As adult life becomes increasingly demanding, and parents find it difficult to keep every plate spinning, many seek professional childcare services from reliable and trustworthy individuals. 

Being more mature and experiencing parenting first hand will stand you in good stead when applying for these roles. If you are business minded and want to take this career even further, you could think more about the possibility of building a whole team of staff to fulfill your client’s needs. 

Social Worker

If you love the aspect of caring for another’s wellbeing, you might want to look into a career of social work. This profession can cover a whole host of healthcare services from family counseling to mental health therapy. You will need to further your education to become qualified, but there are plenty of online opportunities available to complete a masters of social work, which should fit in nicely with your own parenting commitments. Being able to provide care to vulnerable individuals in need is a hugely fulfilling occupation. 

Party Planner

As your children start to grow up, you will become accustomed to corralling hordes of children. Hosting sleepovers every other weekend and planning epic birthday parties will be second nature after a few years of practice. This new found skill could be put to good use if you like the idea of becoming a party planner. Help to create a children’s disco party that will always be remembered and alleviate parents from the stress of organizing a big event. This career is demanding but creative, and can also slot in well with family life. 

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