Encouraging Children To Write

October 25, 2020

Children have some of the biggest and most beautiful imaginations. But sometimes getting them to release that can be very difficult. If your child is not loving writing, then there are several ways that you can encourage them to enjoy it more. 


When your child is old enough to start putting words together themselves, then magnet letters can help them. They can spell a huge range of funny words on the fridge, and you can take it in turns to spell the longest word you can think of. Or the funniest words. Anything that gets them involved with putting letters into the right order. 

Write Books

There is something so fun about writing a book. In fact, most adults want to say they are a published writer. There is a joy in holding something that you have created in your hands. Writing a book can be more appealing to children than just writing for the sake of writing. Studentreasures Publishing has a process that can help children publish their own works of brilliance. 

Writing Letters

If you have friends and family that live far away, your children can write them letters. These can be typed up on a computer, or you spend some time creating beautiful letters. Add stickers, use their best pens, and create letters that the other person will treasure. This is even more fun as letter writing isn’t something that happens often. Older relatives will particularly enjoy receiving these works of art. 


Imagine that you have forgotten how to write your shopping list and that your child has to create it. Using a mixture of words and pictures, to create your next shopping list. Using colored pens and pencils for each item, write down how many you need, or even just the meal plan for that week are all great ways to get your child writing without the pressure of creating something other than a list. 


There are other word games that can be played too, but Scrabble is one of the most popular. You can spend a few hours playing with letters and forming words. You do not have to play seriously, you can relax and let them just place letters all over the board. Encourage the use of the dictionary to find out if a word is real or not. Make a point of praising get words or the attempt to spell them. 

This will mean they are less likely to worry about spelling things wrong and will keep trying. 

Own Alphabet

Although, you are aiming to spell words in your own language. Creating their own alphabet can build-up their fine motor skills, which will support their writing efforts. Create 26 different shapes and formations that look like letters. 

Every child is different and not all will enjoy writing. Over time it is something they will need to do a lot, so it can be very helpful if they find ways to make it interesting for themselves. Writing is a lifelong skill and when fostered early can bring a lot of joy. 

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