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October 25, 2020

Are you one of those people who are continually forgetting something before leaving? Whatever preparation you do, there is always something that you will fail; admit that. In this case, it is very frustrating to travel, knowing that you are missing something in your baggage. 

This is why we have compiled the most needed things that you need to include in your checklist to make sure that you will have everything you need in your RV travel. Don’t worry! We won’t make your storage area full. We will make sure it will be just the right amount. 

What Do You Need to Check?

To be organized, you need first to categorize what you will need on the road and the exact place to visit. Don’t just think that “Hey I need to pack a towel, a screwdriver and more” This kind of packing thing will make you forget something. Instead, follow these guidelines to make sure you won’t forget anything essential. 

Maintenance and Safety

This should be one of your topmost priorities in all of your travels. Once you are on the road, you should always think that your life is on the line. The following are the things that you need to pack up:


This would include yours and your RV insurance. This ensures that whatever happens along the way, you will never be out of budget because your insurance got your back. Also, make sure to bring a campground map and directory. One thing you should always remember is your ID and passport. Also, your RV papers are something you should always carry. 

Electricals and Battery

According to rvcamping.com, your gadgets will be your source of entertainment and connection. While on the road and at the campsite itself, it will be boring without your devices. It is beneficial and handy, but a drained one is useless. Make sure to pack up charging materials like portable generators, chargers, adaptors, and other electrical stuff that you may need. 

Motor and Vehicle  

Make sure to pack up motor oil, levelers, and other essentials when fixing your vehicle. Also, ensure that you have paper and pen, gloves, and tape. 

Camping Essentials

Since you will travel and camp out, you should make sure that all your camping items are complete. Check out this guide!

Camping and Outdoors –  

this will include your tents, sleeping bags, fire-making equipment, and insect repellant items. Also, don’t forget your flashlights, picnic tables and chairs, picnic blanket, beach towel, and a hammock. Aside from that, check out for other things that you usually need during camping. 

Hobbies and Entertainment –  

being out of your traditional home will surely make you miss out on being at the comforts of its corners. To live in the moment, make sure to bring some of the books that keep you calm, some of your board games, and other hobbies that keep you entertained. Since this is a campout, you can bring your fishing gear, hiking equipment, and your bike for a trail. 

First Aid and Medicine –

Being out in a forest is undoubtedly mesmerizing. But if you get sick or an emergency arises, that is where the dilemma will build up. Make sure that you are equipped with the basic first aid kit like alcohol, gauze/bandage, pain relievers, thermometer, and your medicine prescriptions, if any. 

Clothing –

for sure, you won’t forget anything with these. Make sure to bring clothes like a jacket, swimsuit, hats, and footwear. One tip that will help avoid crowding your storage area is to pack easy to store and easy drying clothes

Kitchen Essentials 

This will include all your necessary kitchen wares like pans and casserole. Also, bring enough utensils like plates, cups, and a spoon and fork. Do not forget your knives and can openers too. They are essential in a campout. Include in your list as well as cleaning items like dishwashing liquids and sponges. 


We doubt that you will forget about this. Food is our lifeline on the road. You can pack this up from your usual grocery at home, or you can buy some along the way. Bring the most important ones like bread, spreads, crackers, basic condiments like salt, pepper, soy sauce, vinegar, cooking oil, butter, and other things you usually use in your regular traditional kitchen.

Bed and Bath 

We are sure that you always have this in your bag, lockers, or car as essential. Bring out your shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrush, and soap. Aside from that, if you have your skincare routine, essentials might as well bring them with you too. If you’re a woman or have a woman along for the trip, get personal stuff like sanitary napkins, panty liners, and feminine wash. You can also include combs, nail clippers, razors, shaving cream, and sunscreen. 

Do not forget your beddings, extra blanket, pillows, mats, laundry items, and bathroom needs. 


For every travel, you are indeed thinking of bringing almost everything that you need. But make sure only to pack the things that are necessary for the trip. This to make sure that you will not have a lot of baggage. 

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