Beyond Aesthetic: Seven Kitchen Design Styles For Your Home

April 3, 2019

The kitchen is known to be the heart of the home. In today’s time, it is no longer a dreary cooking area hidden behind closed doors. It is now a space for everyday living, family gathering, and special-occasion entertaining.

In fact, the kitchen area is the focus of the home today. Hence, its aesthetic and functionality are one of the priorities in designing a house.

When you are planning to renovate your cooking space, but you do not have any idea, you can take your cue from the seven of the top kitchen design styles below that may give you an idea on how to revamp the heart of your home.

A Sophisticated Modern Kitchen

If you are a fan of updated and advanced kitchen appliances and furnishings, a modern design kitchen will suit you. High-tech materials such as smart appliances and reflective surfaces are the keys to achieve a  sophisticated modern look for a kitchen.

Flat-panel doors or slab-door style is one of the signature element of this kitchen style. Using wood, quartz, concrete, and steel for the layering textures gives a significant effect on the scheme of the room.

To achieve both aesthetic and functionality of a modern kitchen, professionals like home builders Melbourne will help you give a facelift to your cooking space.

A Cozy Contemporary Style Kitchen

A contemporary style kitchen is all about cleanliness and open spaces. It is casually decorated with bold and large scale embellishments. This kitchen style relies on smooth, polished, and sleek facades to create a modern elegance.

When going for a contemporary kitchen, expect to see natural elements such as leather, aluminum, stone, and glass. Subtle geometric design materials and few bold accessories are also necessary to set up the scene.

A Warm Country Farmhouse Style Kitchen

Do you want to experience the warmth of a weekend getaway inside your home? If you do, an open and inviting country farmhouse kitchen is the style you’re looking for. This approach will turn your cooking space into a warm and welcoming place with a combination of functionality and beauty.

For instance, the rustic appeal of a long wooden farm table can add a touch of rural to your cooking space. It cannot only accommodate family gatherings but also as a workstation for preparing foods and meals.

Open shelves, farm decors, furnace, exposed beams, large island with stools are also some of the key elements of farmhouse kitchens that can give you a homey and inviting feels.

When talking about hues and shades, the farmhouse style colors range from primary yellow, red, and blue to aged stones of pale and creamy yellow. But, whatever shade you want to use, blending those colors is the best way to achieve a country look.

An Elegant Mediterranean Style Kitchen

A Mediterranean style kitchen can give your home a warm ambiance and an exotic touch by combining a laid back look with today’s modern kitchen. The decorations of this style include saturated colors, vivid landscapes, coastal breezes, strong lines, and ornate details.

The Mediterranean inspired kitchen uses natural materials such as granite and marble. You can also use wood for the floors, ready to install cabinets, or countertops to give it an old-world vibe. If you’re planning to revamp your kitchen with this style, consider incorporating bright yellow, spicy red, ocean blue, and terracotta shades to achieve its elegant look.

A Cool Coastal-Inspired Kitchen

Whether you live at the coast or just love the beach style, a coastal-inspired kitchen design can make just about any heart of the home feel a bit closer to the sea. To bring an earthy vibe perfect for a beach style area, using natural-fiber textiles, maritime paraphernalia, and ample lighting in the kitchen is a great idea.

Also, a painted finish can give your kitchen a fresh beach-house look as well. Opt for marine paint if you are avoiding wear and tear. It can definitely handle several cooking spills as it’s designed to survive saltwater. The entire aesthetic of this kitchen style is mostly a combination of white and various shades of blue.

A Grand Old World Style Kitchen

The old world style kitchen has vibrant colors, classic architectural elements, and distress finishings that create a warm place for family gatherings. This style is mostly rustic, robust, and handcrafted. It features Roman, Old English, and Greek elements on a grand scale.

Natural stones such as marble, limestone, granite, and travertine are often merged with walnut cabinetry or cherry-wood floors to set the aesthetic of a timeless kitchen. If you want to bring a classical architectural styling to your home, decorating a kitchen with shades of reds, ambers, golds, or blues is a great way to start.

A Classic Traditional Style Kitchen

A traditional style kitchen has an elegant and classy look that has indeed stood the test of time. Like the old world kitchen, this style also gives a classic and warm feels with elements of French and English taste.

These kitchen styles include muted and soft hues of whites, creams, light grays, taupes, or greens. You can also incorporate patterns such as butterflies, fruits, and flowers that can bring the outdoors in.

The traditional kitchen uses natural materials in the cabinetry, furnishings, and on the floor. For instance, bricks, stones, woods, and marbles can be used as a backsplash and on the other surfaces that can give the area a handcrafted view.


Whether you are planning your entire home’s look around the kitchen or designing your kitchen to match the decorations of other rooms, the aesthetic and functionality of this space must always come together.

The kitchen design styles mentioned above are some of the styles you can apply to makeover your cooking space. But always remember to revamp your kitchen according to your preferences. After all, your comfortability is all that matters.  

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