Impact Of Water In Our Lives

April 3, 2019

With the advancement in technologies, comes many hazardous effects on the body of mankind. Not only has it affected, the interrelationships of the human beings, but has also adversely affected their bodies by lessening the number of bodily exercises, their physical activities and making them technological prone. We have lots n lots of traditional and basic aspects of keeping oneself healthy, fit and energetic. One of it is WATER, it is the most commonly used yet the most unknown source of energy. Not many are aware about its medicinal values, because of which they are unable to use it to their best. Survival of the human being in this ever-growing world becomes very easy with water. Not only does it provides us with the medicinal values but it also serves many other purposes, which otherwise requires a lot of treatments but consuming water in the right way and quantity could be a boon for treating all those conditions. Installing a water purifier would not only allow you to drink safe and pure water but you could get after sales services from aquaguard water purifier service centre.

The positive effects of water on human body are:

Maximizes Physical Performance

Being hydrated brings about a positive effect on the physical performance of the individual. Hydration is very necessary at the time of intense exercises, specifically among the athletes. If the human body loses the water content even by 2% due to dehydration, the human body can thus face hazardous effects on it. So, to extract out the best results in the physical performance of the individuals, it becomes extremely essential to drink lots n lots of water and be hydrated always to experience a positive effect of water on human body.

Improvise Brain Functions

The hydration level also controls our brain functions. And brain as we all know regulates all our bodily functions. Even dehydration of 1% can cause impairments on the memory functions, increased headaches which will in turn prove very harmful for the human body. So as to keep the body in control of the brain and have it perform all its functions appropriately one must balance the hydration levels of the body and must drink lots and lots of water.

● Boost The Energy Levels 

Hydration level and energy levels are both directly proportional to one another. If the hydration level are balanced, the energy levels are automatically balanced. Consumption of water at regular intervals thus helps in boosting the energy levels of the body, which in turn will help in maintaining other body functions. Hence, just by drinking water we can maintain our body functions intact and can have performance lift as well.

● Prevent And Treat Headaches

Headaches are very common now a days. One of its cause is dehydration. It is believed that dehydration triggers headaches and migraine in some individuals. So to keep oneself free from headaches, one must drink water at regular intervals. Some also believes that it does not really prevent the headaches, but lessens intensity of headaches. Any which ways, drinking water is helping an individual relieved  from the headaches.

● Provides Relief From Constipation

Constipation is one the most painful condition for a human body in which one experiences irregular bowel movements and difficulty in stool passing. One of the basic step for treatment of constipation is consumption of water which in turn helps the bowel movement to get back to its original regularity and relieves the human body from the pain one experiences during constipation.

● Helps In Treating Kidney Stones

 Minerals create minute crystal stones that are usually formed in the urinary system. One of the most common type is kidney stones which are formed in the Kidneys. Intake of water at regular intervals ensures passing of urine in larger quantity which makes the chances very less for the lumps formed. However it does not ensures reoccurrence of the stone but by consuming water we can treat the kidney stones.

● Prevents Hangovers

Hangover is a condition that one experiences after the intake of alcohol. Alcohol is diuretic it tends to make the body lose water as compared to what it takes in so ultimately the more one drinks, more becomes his chances of getting himself into dehydration. Dehydration however doesn’t really cause Hangovers but it causes other problems like bad mouth, headaches etc. So to avoid these problems, one should drink lots of water. To avoid the after effects of alcohol and to not to put oneself in the state of hangover one must drink glasses of water in between the drinks and must drink a glass of water before going to bed.

● Helps In Weight Loss

With the modernisation, the need of the hour is to get oneself in the perfect shape. Everyone wishes to attain the perfect body shape to look their best in this ever competitive world. Drinking water alone does not make sure the weight loss, The timing also plays a very important role in this process of weight loss. There are the more key points that could be followed to make sure that your weight losses. Firstly one should drink water before the meals which will give the body fuller impact and thus will help them in consuming less calories. Secondly, drinking cold water could also help as cold water will use the body metabolism to first get converted into warm one. Drinking water boosts the metabolic rates of the body which in turn helps in burning our the calories and helps the body in reducing weight.

● Helps In Treating Infections

With the changing lifestyles, infections have become very common specifically infections related to urinary track. It can occur both in men or in women, one of its major cause is not consuming water in the right quantities. Nowadays, with the busy schedules they tend to lose the track on their water consumption. We can see people putting water alarms to remind them to drink water. One must drink 7 to 8 glasses of water on regular basis and avoid such infections.

Drinking clean filtered water has so many good effects on our human body. One must drink water at regular intervals to keep their body functioning normal and energy levels boosted. You could contact aquaguard ro service centre Gurgaon to get a detailed information about installation of water purifiers to enhance the advantages of pure water. And why stop there? If you are not willing to drink it, why bathe in it? Install a shower water filter to remove unwanted chemicals from your shower water and make your hair, skin and even nails healthier.

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