Top Five Careers That Help People

April 10, 2018

When you graduate from high school you do not know exactly what you want to pursue in college, whether you want to be a criminal justice major or pursue a degree in nursing. You do, however, know that you want to help people. You want to enrich the world. You do not want to work at a big corporation, unless you feel like your job is actively making people’s lives better. To take a look at some common careers where help is given, check out the following list:

Human Resources

Maybe you like the idea of working for a business, but you do not want it to be about numbers. You want it to be about people. An HR professional wears many hats, including recruiting, taking employee complaints, and handling lots of paperwork. Depending on your position, you would be in charge of screening applicants, listening to and resolving company issues, handling sensitive information, and handling insurance and other legal documents. Part of your job would be to make employee’s lives better and improve the company culture.


Are you not sure you read that right? Maybe you have hardly heard of a lawyer being a good guy. Lawyers are called sharks and people make jokes about how little conscience lawyers have. Depending on who you represent, however, you could use your degree as a lawyer to stand up for the little guy. Plus, a lawyer can be an incredible asset to ministries and organizations overseas, as “international pro bono,” where legal help is desperately needed. If you do not care about big money over here, you could really make a different over there.

Healthcare Professionals

Surgeons. Anesthesiologists. Dermatologists. Nurses. Physical Therapists. CNAs. EMTs. In the healthcare field, there is an almost endless list of careers you can fill. This is a field that will never go away, never lose value, and never stop being needed. If blood does not scare you, and you have a scientific angle to your brain, entering the healthcare field might be the perfect option for you. Check out how easy it is to get your online FNP degree.


If you do not want to be in school for a long time, a career as a psychologist is not for you. You cannot work as a psychologist without at least a master’s and usually two years of supervised training. Many find, however, that their psychology work is rewarding enough to make up for that long education. A psychologist could become a therapist, study human behavior, work in schools or hospitals, or work with criminals. As a psychologist, you would go where the human heart and mind needed you.

Social Workers

Similar to a psychology degree, a degree in social work veers away from the human mind and more into human situations. As a social worker, you might be working with child protective services, helping a group of addicts recover, or assessing the needs of a hospital patient. Social workers can get jobs with a bachelor’s, master’s, or doctorate and dsw programs in social work are easy to find online. It is not a low-pressure job, since human futures are commonly on the line, but a career as a social worker could nevertheless be the kind of meaning you are looking for.

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