What makes Clothes look good? Shopping Successfully for Garments

April 11, 2018

Going shopping for clothes can be confusing and difficult. There are times you head to a particular store with a concept in mind but when you get there, you do not know where to begin. You may find it overwhelming due to the variety of brands, colors, sizes, cuts and styles that you can choose from. Being aware of what actually looks good on you makes it much easier to pick the right clothes.

Emphasizing your Features

Start by deciding the features that you want to emphasize. Outfits can be used to make certain aspects look less noticeable, more obvious, smaller or bigger.

Patterns and Waistlines

  • Clothes that have vertical lines typically make body parts look slimmer. Horizontal stripes usually make spaces appear broader.
  • Bright patterns are ideal for drawing attention to where they are worn. Solid and dark pieces minimize certain areas and can be combined with bright patterns for an interesting contrast.
  • Empire waistlines emphasize the bust line while lower waist designs create a defined waist and curvier look.


Structured tailoring is useful for giving shape to different parts of the body. Boxy or unstructured outerwear tends to give a bulkier appearance. Shoulder pads widen the shoulders and pleated trousers make the legs bigger. A tighter fit accentuates the body and baggier clothing minimizes definition.

Hemlines and Fit

Tapered skirts draw attention away from the lower body. Straight slim down the bottom-half while A-line skirts widen the lower torso and enhance curves.


Whether your clothing is tailored or bought off the rack, keeping your accurate proportions in mind is important. A tape measure can be used to take measurements such as head circumference for hats, upper arms, neck, fullest or widest part of bust or chest, waistline, hips, and inseam.

Right Fit

  • The foundation of choosing clothes is the right fit. Generally, when a garment fits well regardless of what the style may be will always look better than a wrong or poor fit.
  • Clothing should always be comfortable while not looking sloppy or restricting your movements.
  • If you plan to lose weight, avoid buying clothes that you hope will be able to fit into in the future. Put major purchases on hold until you achieve your goals.
  • Hemming your pants add length and height to your overall frame.
  • Invest in clothing that currently looks good on you. It is not advisable to buy garments that do not fit when you think that they will look great at some point in your life.

Dressing for your Current Figure

Shop for the figure that you have now rather than the one you want to have. This will prevent you from spending money on clothes that you may never wear. A blazer or jacket that you cannot button up does not fit. Pick another size if it hangs loosely.


Check how your clothes look from behind. This is an essential step towards finding the right clothes. A suit or dress may look fantastic from the front but awful from behind. The back of every garment also matters and should not be too tight or too loose. Ensure that the outfit is flattering from all angles.


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