Stay Comfortable and Stylish: Maternity Essentials

May 8, 2023
Maternity Essentials

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Years ago, there were strict maternity fashion rules and the necessary necessities. Still, these days, women are happily navigating their path and creating their style on their journey to motherhood. Stars such as Rihanna, Behati Prinsloo and Blake Lively all showed off their baby bumps in unique ways that spelled maximum comfort and style. Finally, shopping experts list their favorite maternity essentials to make you feel like the coolest mama on the block.


During pregnancy, several changes in your body are occurring to accommodate the growth and development of your future baby. Some of these changes affect your pelvis and lower limbs and your range of motion until delivery. That is why the shoes you wear can significantly affect how your body feels while walking and getting around.

Your feet are expanding, and water weight gain can cause swelling and ankle discomfort. There were many photos on social media in 2015 showing pregnant Kim Kardashian West while carrying her second baby (son Saint) in sky-high heels and having difficulty being mobile. Dr. Rock G. Positano of New York City recommends flats, sneakers or a shoe with a half-inch heel at the most for pregnant women. A pair of “hands-free” sneakers that you just slip your feet into is convenient, trendy and cushiony. The podiatrist also suggests an ice bath for soothing relief.

Belly Support Band

Here’s another great idea in maternity must haves that you wear under your clothing for supportive lift and comfort and “grows” with you during your pregnancy. A belly support band is a well-constructed fabric that’s breathable, thin, soft and discreet, designed with excellent stretch and recovery. It lets you keep your lotions and creams absorbing into your skin to address stretch marks and a dry, itchy pregnancy belly. You protect your clothing and benefit from that supportive lift and excellent compression.

You can wear your belly support band under any article of clothing and move freely about. Recent studies have shown that 90% of pregnant women found that wearing a maternity support band improved their balance and reduced their risk of falling.


Where would any woman be without a pair of leggings? When it comes to pregnancy, maternity leggings are another wise purchase. By around the seventh month, many women realize that things just aren’t going to fit, so building a little maternity uniform or pregnancy capsule collection is a good idea.

For example, maternity leggings that are constructed with a full panel and feel ultra-comfy are the way to go. Pair these with maternity tee shirts or tops that you can dress up or down, and have some blazers for versatility in making a chic, classic outfit.

Go-To Dress

You want maternity must haves that simplify your life and wardrobe, and that’s where the A-line dress comes in. It’s a timeless style that looks fantastic on the pregnant silhouette. It features a comfortable, easy-to-wear kind of garment structure, and this kind of go-to dress will come in handy for those events such as lunch or dinner, work, a party, etc.

A-line dresses come in knee-length, midi or maxi designs and are especially attractive for showing off your growing baby bump.

Facial Mist

You want to feel comfortable and relaxed but don’t forget to care for your skin. A lightweight facial mist spray can cool you down and offer a lovely glow to the skin; some of them come with a sun protection factor or SPF, and of course, a scented facial mist is on another level.

During pregnancy, your skin can be ultra-sensitive, so you want a facial mist that is safe, hydrating and invigorating. It’s all about self-care, clean beauty, and a radiant, smooth complexion.

You can stay comfy and stylish during pregnancy when you do it your way. The shopping experts here have just scratched the surface. These maternity must-haves outlined above will have you feeling energized, fashionable and pretty as you sail through your nine-month journey. Congratulations, and wishing you all the best.

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