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July 13, 2021


Viking arms come with a lifting capacity of 150 KG or 330 IB. They have a virtually unlimited application range and are easy to operate. To install windows, doors, cabinets, and other uses, you can use these tools for your benefit. Apart from this, they help in construction and flooring activities. For the decks, porches, framework, the Viking arm is the perfect equipment used by the professionals.


Apart from this, there are other recreations in which you can employ them for getting that controlled precision. The unique construction and ease of handling features will add to your benefit. Moreover, you can also take care of your financial assets because they are not high in price. It is a cost-effective process of going about these tricky tasks.


The key specification of the Viking arm


These arms come out of hardened stainless aluminum or steel, and they had the capacity of 330 IB or 150 kg. Their operation range is 6 – 215 mm. The standard base is 5 * 105 * 87 emphasize. Moreover, the optimal base is 3 * 77 * 62 mm. They have mounting holes which add to the safe operation. They undergo extensive testing, which gives an assurance of their quality and function. Hence, investing your money in Viking arms will not go to waste.


Advantages and best features


Individuals interested in going for DIY activities can take a look at the advantages of the Viking arm. If you are comfortable installing your door, window, or other activities, you can invest your money in this tool and grab its advantage. For this, you will have to understand its features in detail.


Viking arm is an innovative worldwide tool that is known to experts and novice individuals. It can press, lift and tighten with control and precision. It has an impressive capacity and provides compact results over the task. It has become a technical solution for professionals all across, and you can use this tool as a substitute for multiple conventional pieces of equipment. It inspires creativity and innovation. For safety and quality, you can count on Viking arms. It increases productivity, saves money and time. For durable and sturdy construction, there is no alternative to Oryx Viking Arm Tools. Moreover, these pieces are known for their highest quality, and they are manufactured and designed accordingly.


The handheld jack, which comes with enormous capacity, can help with kitchen chores and other tasks. If you wish to manage ventilation, wallboards, cabinet, door, windows, and decks, you have to grab a look at Viking arm. They will provide you with long-lasting and durable results.


You can use these tools and flip them around to get that extra control for adjusting deck boards. When going about mounting the kitchen, people often use their physical strength. However, you can do all these tasks with the help of a Viking arm. The entire process will now become easy with this magical tool. You can get it from any online store that sells quality tools.

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