Five Technology Upgrades For A Better Vaping Experience

December 14, 2021

In today’s world, almost every essential item has a high-tech and intelligent version of itself.
The vaping industry has come a long way from where it started. Better vaping products provide users with the smoothest vaping experience, making the switch from cigarettes a lot easier. For a better vaping experience, you should consider, their empty vape cartridges are available at the lowest price in the market. In addition, with enhancements like voice activation, Bluetooth, and better battery backups, vaping seems to be slowly taking over the traditional smoking method.

Here are five technological upgrades which most of the vaping companies have adopted to
make better products and attract more customers:

Enhanced battery life

The batteries of vaping devices have improved since their inception. Today’s vaping devices
come with high-tech pods that have extended battery life. One can use vaping devices for a
prolonged time because of longer battery life. Different batteries are available for vaping
devices like IMR, ICR, and Hybrids, allowing users to have an effortless and refreshing
vaping session. The ICR batteries are said to be well-protected and also have high storage
capacity. On the other hand, the IMR batteries are thermally safe and have significantly
fewer chances of exploding.

Improved and reliable pod systems

Pod systems are one of the best innovations for vaping devices. Before the pod systems, the
get the best vape flavors from kure were the leading vaping device. The veteran vapers may
still prefer the box mode because of the intense smoke they create. However, more than half
of the vaping population has shifted to the pod system. The pod system has replaced the
bulky cartridges and thread battery allowing users to vape discreetly in different places,
making the devices sleek and portable.

There have been developments within the pod systems too. Some vaping models like the
RELX Infinity have stood the test of time and innovated their devices to eliminate the loss of
airflow, reduce leakage, and fit around the mouth very comfortably. The vaping devices with
small pod systems are easy to charge while at work, in the car, or even when you are
outdoors through a standard USB port. It takes relatively less time to charge vaping devices
with the new pod systems

Bluetooth feature

Today, Bluetooth-enabled vaping devices are available, but many users don’t know about
them. The use of Bluetooth-enabled vaping devices makes it easier for users to monitor their
vaping habits closely. In addition, these Bluetooth vapes allow the users to lock their device,
preventing others from using or stealing it. While some vapers use this technology to reduce
their vaping intake, others check when it needs refilling. Either way, Bluetooth technology is
making the process of vaping more personal and also safer to use.

Sub-Ohm vapes

The Sub-Ohm Vapes are a particular set of vapes specially designed to produce intense
vapor clouds, which some users prefer. These Sub-Ohm vapes are perfect for users who
like to vape out intense smoky clouds. The Sub-Ohm vapes have efficient coils and
atomizers, which helps in producing a thick cloud of smoke. These coils and atomizers also
enhance the aroma and the flavour of e-liquids almost immediately. The Sub-Ohm vapes
also increase the hit users get while vaping by directly transferring the vapors into the users’

Voice activation

Vaping devices now feature voice activation as one of their new features. Typically, this
feature is found in vaping devices with large box mods, as these require a lot of computer
power to respond to the user. An extensive set of box mods interprets the user’s commands
and executes them accordingly. Using their voices, these smart vaping devices will allow
users to control the power wattage, the lights, and the temperature.

Customized mouthpieces

The mouthpiece is one of the essential parts of the volcano vaporizer. It helps in providing an
engaging and satisfactory vaping experience. Recently, customizable mouthpieces are
replacing inbuilt mouthpieces for various reasons, like not getting hot or clogging even after
excessive use. These customizable mouthpieces come either in plastic or glass and also in
different sizes. To find the most suitable one, it is better to research customized mouthpieces
online. While the plastic mouthpieces are more durable, the glass ones are easy to clean
and require less maintenance.

Things to note for an enjoyable vaping experience

 Make sure the vape battery is properly charged and ready.
 Regularly clean the battery and the vape cartridges for a better lifespan and good
 Switch to good quality e-liquids.
 Never mix 2-3 e-liquids; it ruins the experience.


It is essential to upgrade your vaping devices to suit your needs. There are several
innovations in vaping to provide users with a high-tech and effortless vaping experience. As
the vaping habit is rising, vape producers are coming out with newer technologies to attract
customers. If you enjoy vaping, you can explore your vape options to buy yourself a new
vaping device on vaping sites and choose from various collections.

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