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December 14, 2021


Almost everyone uses alcohol in their lives. However, this is not becoming a problem for everyone.


Almost everyone uses alcohol in their lives. However, this is not becoming a problem for everyone. The main difference between an alcoholic and a healthy person is the appearance of addiction – psychological and physical. Don’t underestimate how intense alcohol addiction can be. The help of professionals, as well as family and friends, is the key to successful treatment. London is the UK’s leading city for medical services and drug and alcohol addiction. By calling 0203 151 1280 you can get emergency help in the treatment of this no arc at the Serenity clinics and take a full course of alcohol rehab in London.

The importance of treating alcohol or drug dependence problems.

Of course, treatment for alcoholism or drug addiction should be started at the very first sign. You cannot start the problem, otherwise, it will be more difficult to cope with it. But there are no unattainable goals, the experienced specialists of the Serenity clinics are ready to help anyone who is willing to accept help. Practicing doctors from serenity addiction centres have hundreds of grateful patients, and their feedback on the treatment of alcoholism in the clinic is living proof that anyone can overcome the disease.

This eliminates additional experiences and anxiety of patients, helps to quickly eliminate self-doubt. We are ready to provide any psychological support to anyone who has decided to turn his life for the better. Recovery from addiction will give each person the opportunity to find themselves and find a worthy place in life.

Rehabilitation centers for addicts develop individual programs. Moreover, they are all focused on passing through three main stages:

  • Getting rid of physical attraction to drugs or alcoholic beverages (detoxification)
  • Solving the problem of psychological dependence (the formation of aversion to alcohol and drugs during sessions with a narcologist)
  • Social adaptation of the patient (consists of preparing the patient for going out into society and realizing his capabilities)
  • It is important to understand that rehabilitation from the effects of alcohol and drugs is a marathon, not a sprint. Referring a patient to a London rehabilitation center is the first step towards recovery.
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