5 Common Types of Additions

February 26, 2018

Most people find that as their families grow, the need for more space calls for additions to the house.  This may be something as small as an additional bathroom, or the addition of an entire floor.  Additions have to be tailor made for the specific house and the needs of the occupants.  There are 5 common types of additions as follows:

  1. Room additions. This is a common request in which at least one room is added to the home.  It could be a dining room, an additional bedroom, a family room or a play room for the children.  It may actually be an addition of several rooms and not just one.  For this you will need to ensure that you have considered the cost of an architect, plumbing, wiring, contractor, change orders, HVAC and building permits among others.
  2. Bump Outs. If you are looking to enhance a particular room and make it bigger, you are considering what is known as a bump out. A good example is if you decide to enlarge your kitchen so that you can have space for an island and a kitchen table.  These usually give you home a brand new roofline, often a flat one.
  3. A Sun room. Most people consider the addition of a sun room.  In the past, they used to be structures made of aluminum and glass that tended to be too thin.  As such, they were too hot in the summer and too cold in winter.  Today, you can install a sunroom that is pre-fabricated.  The glass is thermal resistant and the aluminum frame is sound and cut to precision so that it fits perfectly.
  4. A Conservatory. Lovers of flora will find a conservatory absolutely wonderful.  Here they can have their most treasured plants and flower growing just for their pleasure.  Conservatories are very similar to sunrooms, but it is important to note that they tend to be a little bit more expensive.
  5. Converting Your Garage. Most times when people are looking for extra space, the garage is the first thought that comes to their minds. Since you already have the structure in place, you just need to make the necessary changes to turn it into a livable space.  If you are turning it into a bedroom, then you may need to add a bathroom.  However, if you are turning it into a garage apartment, you should consider putting in a kitchenette, and bathroom.

The main task that you will have with additions building Brisbane is finding a contractor that you can trust to do a quality job for you.  It is important that this be their specialty and that they are happy to show you other similar projects that they have built in the past or that they are currently working on.Ensure that they can finish your project in a timely fashion and be right on budget. The fee structure should have all costs up-front so that you know what you will be getting yourself into.


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