The Connection Between Weight Loss And Happiness

May 5, 2018

The connection between weight loss and happiness is closer than you might think. Not only does shedding excess pounds in a gym literally fill you with endorphins. You also run a lower risk of developing depression and your general stress levels lower. Do not forget that the food you eat affects your mood too and it is quite possible to eat your way to happiness while losing some extra weight in the process.

Weight Loss And Happiness As Opposed To Weight Gain And Depression

Multiple studies prove that weight gain can cause depression or make the condition more severe. This happens for a variety of reasons, most important of which are stress and hormonal changes. Being depressed affects your brain and literally makes you care less about what you eat. It also reduces your enthusiasm for exercise, so weight gain is often an inevitable result.

But everything in the world has to be in balance, so as much as depression contributes to gaining excess weight, happiness does the opposite. The process is a bit more complicated and you will not burn fat by simply being happy. However, elevating the level of happiness hormones will help you start fighting weight gain more effectively.

However, the situation is not as clear cut as it might seem. In some cases, dieting and other aspects of weight loss programs can make you unhappy, stressed, and prone to bursts of anger. There is a lot of controversial studies on the subject, for example, one stating that people who gain weight because they do not deny themselves treats are generally happier. Yet, those who are overweight are often depressed and losing excess pounds adds to their happiness (Huffington Post).

So, what is the truth of the matter if research is so controversial?

It is simply losing weight makes you healthier and happier, no doubt about that. Although, to achieve the maximum satisfaction from the process, you need to make it stress-free, so you will need to use some clever and quick weight loss tips.

Four Weight Loss Tips That Can Boost Your Happiness

1.    Eat fresh fruits and berries with a side of protein

Processed carbs do not only contribute to weight gain, but also mess up your hormonal levels, which causes stress and bad mood. Proteins, on the other hand, help keep your energy levels steady and provide nutrition that your body needs to grow muscles and burn fat. Fresh fruits and berries help greatly with that as they give you fiber, vitamins, and antioxidants. These elements help you lose weight and generally improve your well being. This means that they contribute to the reduction of depression and make you feel happier.

2.    Take weight loss supplements to boost your efforts

You get happiest when losing weight by seeing visible progress. That is why taking supplements that will help achieve it faster is beneficial in the long run. It is best to take them at the beginning, as this will help adjust to your new diet and see that your struggles are not in vain.

3.    Learn to enjoy your food

Weight loss and happiness can go hand in hand when you are enjoying your healthy diet. If you do not like the look of your meal plan, look for a new one. You should also find recipes that will help you make healthy foods appealing. Eating should make you happy, but careless eating will also make you fat. So, your main task is to find a way to enjoy delicious meals that do not add inches to your waistline. Use of spices will help make even low-calories dishes taste great.

4.    Monitor your reasons for eating

One of the main causes of weight gain during depression is that your brain literally makes you crave comfort through food. So, anytime you crave a snack, analyze your motivations. Are you really hungry or do you need psychological comfort? If it is the latter, start looking for non-calorie-rich coping mechanisms.

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