How To Maximize The Impact Of Your Product’s Box

February 25, 2018

People who own companies, which make products and need to package them, know all too well how important the packaging can be. After all, the first impression a person will make of your product is the packaging.

It is therefore important to make your packaging as effective as possible. Whether you want to use really expensive and elaborate printing methods or rather simple and to the point design, there are a few things that you can do to make your packaging as effective as possible.

Know Your Customer Base

It is important that you know who your primary demographics are and what they expect and want to see. One of the latest examples is legalized marijuana in California. People who indulge in recreational or medicinal marijuana tend to be geared more towards the natural and relaxed attitudes, so the packaging which is marketed to them is all natural and of pleasant colors as seen here

If you are marketing to children, make sure that it has plenty of color and some bold shapes or designs on top of it to really attract their attention. On the other hand, if you are marketing some high end electronics, simplicity and minimalism are your best weapons.

Use The Entirety Of The Box

The box you package your products in is typically a cube or some form of a six faceted design, although the type of the box can depend on the industry you are in. When designing a box, make sure that you use as much of the box to advertise and promote your product and brand. Even the dust flaps which are a predominantly functional part of the box can be put to good use if you are resourceful.

If the box opens in a particular way, you can use that to make a continuous design which will only become apparent when the box is opened and pleasantly surprise your customers. The sides of your box are ideal for some additional information which is not important or impactful enough to be on the face of the box, but still has some importance.

The inside of your box may seem like an unimportant part to think about in terms of design, but if you put in a bit of extra effort and actually print something there, whether it is instructions, your logo, or even a simple joke, it may actually be really impactful and prompt the buyer to keep the box and tell other people about it. Most suppliers should be able to create personalized boxes for shipping with printing on the inside.

Do Not Be Afraid To Be Bold

Some people feel like their design should be as simple as possible, with all the necessary information and that is it. However, in this modern world, where there are countless options for just about any product, you may need to be a bit bolder than that if you want to be noticed.

You can try making a limited edition of your product with an unusual design simply to gauge the market if you are not too sure that this is the right way to go. However, keep in mind that bold colors and unusual designs really stick with people, so if your product has the quality to match the packaging, this may just be the best course of action for you.

Putting a bit of extra effort into the design of the packaging may not be your idea of time well spent, but the rewards you may reap are noticeable and significant. So, if you don’t have the knack for it, find professionals who are and trust them to help you create the image of your brand.

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