Mobile penetration testing and reasons to do it

December 14, 2021


How many mobile apps do you use every day? How many personal details and sensitive data do you provide to them?


How many mobile apps do you use every day? How many personal details and sensitive data do you provide to them? If you have never asked yourself such questions, it is high time to do this from the viewpoint of security in the mobile environment, especially if you are not just a user, but also a developer. 

Such companies as Hacken provide mobile application security and penetration testing in order to protect users and companies from attacks of cybercriminals and hackers that result in stolen money and damaged reputations.

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Why do we need pentesting for mobile apps?

The main purpose is to discover weak points in the mobile app before it is presented on the market. In such a way the company can prevent technical and reputational issues and be sure about the highest level of protection for the clients.

How does the penetration testing proceed?

If we are taking as an example Hacken, this reliable and well-known vendor proposes four stages. The procedure will be prepared, evaluated, exploited, and at last, you’ll get the report. During all the phases experts are in touch and provide information about their progress.

Does the security vendor check the required fixes after introduction?

Hacken provides a list of recommendations that are needed to avoid possible security threats. When the client introduces all the fixes, he can contact the team again for checking the changes and testing the system once again.

What about the prices and advisability of this procedure?

The cost for pentesting of mobile apps is definitely much lower than the probable losses after the attacks of hackers and other cybercriminals. Moreover, if such security testing is provided it has a positive effect on the reputation of the company and the growing number of customers also leads to the expansion of profits.

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