Well-Known Gemstones Used in Antique Jewellery

April 3, 2019

Gemstones have always been a part of cultures around the world since man first started to make jewellery and there are many superstitions and deep-seated beliefs about the magical properties of gemstones. If you are interested in antique jewellery and would like to know more about the type of gemstones that were used when crafting antique items of jewellery, here is some information for you:

Antique Jewelry
  • Diamonds: Without doubt the most popular of all precious stones, diamonds can be found in all kinds of antique jewellery, and were very popular in engagement and wedding rings. If you would like to view some classic examples of antique diamond rings, there are reputable jewellers buying and selling antique jewellery online online, and once you find what you are looking for, a secure online payment will see the item packaged and despatched to your home address by special courier.
  • Opal: A hydrated form of silica, opal has long been used to create fine items of antique jewellery, as this precious stone changes color in different light spectrums. Opal happens to be the national gemstone of Australia, and can be found in antique necklaces, pendants, bracelets, brooches, rings, and earrings. 
  • Sapphire: This typically blue precious gemstone was extremely popular during the Edwardian and Victorian eras, and aside from shades of blue, sapphire can be yellow, purple, orange, and green. Colorless sapphire has commonly been used as a substitute for diamonds and this precious stone can be found in many antique jewellery items.
  • Aquamarine: Usually blue green in color, aquamarine has long been thought to possess magical qualities, and was worn by sailors for protection when at sea. Popular in art deco jewellery, aquamarine stands out with spectacular color, and there are online jewellers that specialize in antique jewellery items that use aquamarine.
  • Rubies: Stunning in red and pink, rubies have always been a popular gemstone with jewellery makers throughout history, and the French aristocracy were particularly fond of rubies and there are some fine examples of ruby rings for sale by online antique jewellers.
  • Emeralds: The green emerald can be found in every period of jewellery, especially in the time of Louis XVI, who was passionate about emeralds. This precious stone can be found in rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and brooches, and if you would like to view a range of exquisite emerald antique jewellery, check out the online antique jewellery specialists.
  • Garnets: Another very popular gemstone that comes in a wide range of colors, although the most common is a reddish hue. Often mixed with diamonds, garnets can be found in 18th and 19th Century antique jewellery, especially European styles, and should you wish to purchase antique garnet jewellery, there are online jewellers with a stunning range of jewellery items that contain garnets.

All of the above gemstones can be found in antique jewellery and with an online search you can view many fine examples of jewellery items that feature precious stones. Gemstones are connected to many old superstitions, but we will have to save that for another time.

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