10 Things You Should Clean Every Single Week

November 1, 2019

When cleaning your home, there are some tasks you’re going to need to address every day, there are then weekly tasks, and certain areas of the home that only need attention once a month. Knowing what to clean and when is imperative if you are going to keep your home clean and healthy. With that being said, continue reading to discover more about ten parts of the home that you should clean every week.

Things to clean every week around the home…

  1. Your mirrors – The first thing you need to make sure you clean every week is any mirrors in your home. Putting makeup on with a smudge-free mirror is much, much easier! All you need is a good microfiber cloth and a quality glass cleaner. A couple of minutes per week can prevent build-up that will be difficult to remove.
  2. Your kitchen floors – If there is one room in the home that is going to get grubby quickly, it’s the kitchen. After all, whenever you cook a meal or even make a sandwich for lunch, it is inevitable that a few crumbs are going to end up on the floor. This is why it is a good idea to add sweeping and cleaning your kitchen floors to your weekly cleaning to-do list.
  3. Your toilets – You’re definitely going to need to keep your toilet clean. The easiest way to clean your toilet is with some good old bleach. A good dose of bleach poured down the toilet and left for a while to work its magic is advisable. It is also a good idea to brush some bleach under the rim and around the sides. You should let it sit for five minutes while you move onto another task in the bathroom.
  4. Your shower and bathtub – You also need to make sure you wash your shower and bathtub every week. Not only is this important in terms of keeping your bathroom looking clean but it is also vital in terms of your health. After all, these warm and wet places breed scum and mildew. Using a bath scrubber to clean these areas each week can help you to resist these stains. Plus, to make this weekly task even easier, it is a good idea to run a squeegee over the surfaces once you have washed up.
  5. Your kitchen appliances – Aside from the areas that have already been mentioned, it is important to make sure that you clean your kitchen appliances every week too. Even though your fridge, microwave, and stove may not appear dirty, it is very much likely that they are going to be covered in things you cannot see. This is why it is a good idea to make sure that at a very minimum you run a disinfectant wipe over your appliances so that you can prevent build-up. You also need to make sure all food bits and fingerprints are cleaned away.
  6. Your sheets – You also need to make sure you wash your bed sheets on a weekly basis. If you think about just how much time you spend lying on your sheets, it is not hard to see why they need to be washed regularly. Body oils, sweat, and germs accumulate quickly, which is why you need to stick them in the washing machine every week. Plus, is there anything better than going to bed when new bedsheets have just been put on?
  7. Your dusty furniture – There are a number of different reasons why cleaning your dusty furniture should be a weekly task. Of course, the obvious reason is that dust doesn’t look very good, does it? However, it can also cause damage to your furniture too if it builds up. This is because of the abrasive nature of dust. If something rubs against it, it can put fine scratches in the finish. A microfibre cloth is all you need to get rid of this. A microfibre cloth is beneficial because it won’t spread the particles around. Instead, it will grab them, so they are removed from the surface.
  8. Your rugs and carpet – If you do not vacuum your rugs and carpet on a regular basis, heavy dirt will get ground in. Light dust sits on the top. It’s much easier to get rid of this light dust than it is heavy dirty. This is why you need to vacuum regularly so that you can collect the light dust before it gets ground into your carpet and rugs. This tip is especially important for areas in the home that have a lot of traffic.
  9. Your bathroom surfaces – We’ve already discussed cleaning the toilet, as well as the bathtub and shower, but you are also going to need to clean your bathroom surfaces too. Did you know that your toilet can spray germy water particles up to six feet across the room? Disgusting, right? Grab a disinfectant wipe and give your mirrors, counters, and other surfaces a quick wipe.
  10. Your fridge – Last but not least, it is important to clean your fridge every week. Otherwise, you can easily end up with moldy food and a lot of food residue. Over time, this becomes a huge cleaning task. It does not need to be this way. Cleaning a fridge is simple when you address this once per week.

So there you have it; ten of the important cleaning tasks that you are going to need to address on a weekly basis. If you add the tasks that have been mentioned above to your weekly cleaning to-do list, you are going to be able to ensure that your home stays spotless without needing to put in a lot of effort.

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