Six Items You Should Never Forget On A Long Journey

November 4, 2019

Depending on whether you like to travel or not, a long journey can either be a lot of fun, or something to endure. However, whatever your opinion on long flights, train journeys, or road trips, there are certain items that simply make them more bearable, so here are some items you should never forget:

  • Medication

When you are packing your hand luggage, never forget to include any medication you need to take. If you put medication in your checked luggage, then you might not have access to it for several hours and it can get lost easily. Make sure you take time zones into account when taking prescription medication, as taking your dosage too early or too late could cause you problems.

  • A Water Bottle

Staying hydrated is so important when you travel, but the tiny drinks offered by cabin crew and the short stops on a road trip might not provide the extra water you need. Long plane journeys can be especially troublesome, as at a high altitude the air is drier, so you end up being thirstier. While you can’t take liquids through security, you can take an empty water bottle, a collapsible one if you are short on space. This can be filled up at the airport cafés and the cabin crew will usually give you a top up if you ask nicely. 

  • Your Glasses

If you are a contact lens wearer, you might want to switch to glasses on a long trip, especially on a plane where your eyes will soon feel dry. Buy a pair of comfortable Persol eyeglasses and you can read and watch videos on your tablet without hurting your eyes. 

  • A Pillow And Sleep Kit

Whether you are a passenger on a road trip or taking a long train or plane journey, a good neck pillow is an absolute lifesaver. Even if you cannot sleep on long journeys, you can relax while upright and take some of the pressure off your neck. A sleep kit is also a good idea, with an eye mask to block out light and some decent ear plugs. This will help you time your naps to minimize jet lag

  • Flight Socks

Even if you are not going to be flying, flight socks are a good idea if you will be sitting for long periods without being able to walk around, as they help prevent deep vein thrombosis (DVT). The light compression can also help you stay comfortable and avoid swelling of the ankle and legs. If you get chilly feet, you may want to pack some fluffy socks or slippers too, so you are not stuck wearing your shoes or sneakers for hours on end.

  • Something To Keep You Entertained

After a few hours, boredom will set in, and you can’t spend your entire journey napping. If you get travel sick, you may not be able to read a book, as this can make you feel unbalanced. Staring at a screen can do the same. Consider downloading lots of podcasts and music to listen to, so you can close your eyes and relax during the journey.

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Andi Perullo de Ledesma

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