Seven Apps To Help You Pass Time On Long Journeys

December 30, 2020

Thinking about having a long family road trip across the country for a week or maybe several? You might want to think again if you do not have the perfect apps to help you pass time.

And that is valid especially when hitting the road with the entire family. While everyone now has their mobile devices, getting some great apps to fill the time between stops is a must on the long journeys.

As a matter of fact, something to keep you entertained is one of the items you should never forget on a long journey, along with medication and a water bottle, for example. The good news is that the options are countless when it comes to fighting boredom on the road.

Here are some of the best apps to help you pass time on long journeys:

Heads Up

This game is based on the popular Post-it Note party game, in which one person has to guess what (or who) is written on the post-it on their forehead.

The same with this app, where you hold up your phone to the forehead, and the rest of the players try describing or answer your questions for you to guess what is written.

After getting the answer right, you just have to tilt the phone, so that the word changes. This game can be played in teams, or even as a single player, seeing how many guesses you have within a certain time.


The idea behind this game is to answer trivia questions, with an added twist. That is because there are not only answers with multiple choices, but also incorrect suggestions from the other players. 

There is a truth game, also a movie trivia, a word game, and a true/false facts game. If your fake answer is convincing enough and gets chosen, you get one point. 

Plates Free Family Travel Game

What do you see often along the road trips? That would be a lot of license plates. And here is where the fun begins. The game includes the plates from the United States, Canada and Mexico, and the aim is to find plates from as many states or regions as possible. 

The player with the highest score by the end of the trip wins. 

Unibet Poker App

If you want to play poker on the go, then a trustworthy app is a great choice for the road. One example is an app from Unibet Poker Canada on which you can play against hundreds of players. You can change your identity up to three times a day, choose from over 100 avatars with modern graphics, and also enjoy all the benefits of playing poker. 

What If…

One person has to run the app on the phone, and asks questions to the rest of the players. Some of the questions are strange, thus the answers are really fun sometimes. 

The fun in it is to see if the other players agree with your answer or not — either answering each of them in turns, or take a majority poll to decide the collective answer.

Family’s Game Travel Pack Lite

This is rather a pack of networked classic games, like Chess, Sudoku, Crazy Eights, and so on. All the players have to install the app on their phones, and then turn on the Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. 

You can also play solo, with the offline option allowing you to play with the game’s AI.

Trivia Crack

Trivia Crack does what it says — it is a fun way to test your general knowledge while taking the long rides in the car. There are questions on various topics, including geography, history, art, science, or sport.

The game can be played individually, or in groups, and can be adjusted for different knowledge levels.

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