Breast Cancer: Symptoms, Treatment & Prevention

December 30, 2020

Are you a woman in her 50s? Are experiencing changes in your body? Are you scared that you might be having breast cancer? If your mind is troubled by such thoughts, it is better to know a few things about this disease and get professional health afterward. 

There are different reasons for which you might be experiencing this ailment. However, it is advised not to worry and undergo medication as prescribed by a doctor. If you are going through some changes and are not sure what it can mean, it will be best to go through the symptoms, treatments, and a few preventive measures of this disease and start taking the necessary action. 

Breast Cancer: Symptoms –

The first thing to identify whether you are suffering from disease or not; you need to consider its symptoms. If you notice any or all of the symptoms, it is recommended to consult with a doctor soon. The most common symptoms of this ailment are as follows – 

  1. A mass or lump.
  2. A hard, spherical spot under your skin.
  3. A lump in or around your breast or underarm, which can take that last through your period.
  4. A noticeable change in your breast’s size, or shape. 
  5. Experiencing small breast size or a portion is growing suddenly. 
  6. Sudden changes in two breasts, or maybe in either of them. 
  7. Nipple discharge, which can be either clear, or your nipple can drip blood.
  8. Changes in the skin of your breast or your nipple.
  9. The sudden addition of red skin on your breast or nipple.
  10. Noticing significant changes in your nipples, especially its shape and position. 

Breast Cancer: Treatment – 

If you are diagnosed with this ailment, then there are essentially two types of treatment, that can be done. However, it should be mentioned that the treatments mainly depends upon the type of cancer you are having. There are a few options that will be recommended to you by a professional. The different forms of breast cancer treatment are as follows – 

  • Surgery
  • Radiation therapy 
  • Chemotherapy
  • Hormone blocking therapy
  • Biological treatment 

It should also be mentioned that the type of treatment you can avail of does not only depend on the type of cancer you have. It also depends on the stage of cancer and your health condition. A patient can also select the mode of treatment; they want to avail. Although, after undergoing such treatments, you’ll notice a lot of changes, you may not be able to grow breasts naturally again, and face hair loss, and other health issues. 

Breast Cancer: Prevention –

The top preventive measures that you can implement to reduce the chances of getting affected by this disease are as follows –

A. Stay active –

Staying physically active can curb the chances of such diseases. It is advised o adults to work out at least for 45 minutes every day. It does not have include lifting weights; you can opt for any exercise, and keep doing it sincerely. 

B. Control your weight –

Many women experience sudden weight gain after reaching menopause, which, in turn, can be one of the fatal agents of cancer. Therefore, it is recommended that every woman maintain a healthy diet and exercise regularly. 

C. Quit Smoking –

It is a known fact that smoking causes cancer, which can be more harmful to women experiencing menopause. Thus, it is recommended that you should stop smoking. 

D. Consume less alcohol –

Unlike smoking, you don’t require to quit drinking but reduce the amount. To avoid any health issues, it will be best if you drink only once a month. 

In conclusion, it can be said that breast cancer is one of the most common diseases found in older women. However, with a healthy diet and a proper lifestyle, you can reduce the chances of getting affected.

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