What Does Family Dentistry Mean?

December 30, 2020

Going to the dentist twice a year is a very important part of your health regime. Not only are bad teeth unsightly and painful, but they can also cause other health problems. Missing teeth or gum disease can lead to heart problems. Making sure your children have good dental habits will help them for the rest of their lives.

Dentistry is just as necessary for children as it is for adults. If you have children in your family, you should find a dentist office that can accommodate the entire family. A good family dentist office will offer pediatric services, orthodonture, and services for adults.

Dental Services That Everyone Needs

No matter what your age, you should have a dental cleaning twice a year and a dental exam once a year. Fluoride treatments are always a good idea. If the dentist finds a cavity, you should have it filled as soon as possible.  

Benefits Of Going To A Family Dentist

Taking your brood to a family dentist will save you a lot of time and money. You and your kids can go on to the dentist on the same day. Some offices even offer discounts for certain procedures if your entire family receives services there. 

In addition to being trained in treating people of all ages, a family dentist office will employ specialists such as an orthodontist for the teenagers in the family and specialists who are well-versed in dealing with elderly patients.

Special Needs Of Children

Unlike a general dentist, a family dentist will have special certification and training and pediatrics. A child’s dental needs are simply different than an adult’s. A dentist who is trained in pediatrics will understand how growing teeth need to be treated. A family dentist will be able to look at the way a child’s teeth are erupting and predict future dental needs. 

If a child sucks their thumb or thrust their tongue they can disrupt the alignment of their teeth. If a dentist is well-versed in working with children, they will be able to provide the tools to stop these dangerous behaviors.

A family dentist will also be trained in the psychology of dentistry. They can placate any fears that a child might have of the dentist. 


A person may need braces in early adolescence or later in life. However, most people who need braces will get them in adolescence. A family dentist will have an Orthodontist on staff and they will be able to provide a teenager with all the different options for braces from Invisalign to traditional metal braces. They can also control geriatric patients who may be frightened of losing their teeth. 

Geriatric Dentistry

They will be able to fit an older patient with dentures or provide them with alternatives to dentures such as dental implants. They will be able to train older patients on how to clean dentures and how to take care of gums when they become older and more sensitive.

Going to the dentists is not necessarily fun, but it is a very important part of life. If your family takes good care of their teeth, your medical bills will be much lower in the long run. You will also look very good when you smile in those family photographs.

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