Holiday Travel That Appreciates Both Seattle And Orlando

November 12, 2019

Kids’ friendly attractions are all around us; sometimes we just do not see them because we are looking for something spectacular. For many parents Orlando comes to mind almost instantly as a great destination to take the kids on holiday. Since we live miles away, our flight mostly comes through Seattle, but I am not complaining. At least not this time, because I just learnt that Seattle is a great destination as well. What do you know? My kids now have two cities to tour on their holiday this year.

Seattle, Washington

What do your kids consider to be fun? The food, street art, and concert life is epic, so there will be a lot to talk about different things when you and the gang are back home. Is the hustle of two destinations worth it? We will find out together:

What To Do In Seattle

Does the mention of Seattle cause you think of tucking in with a mug of coffee on a rainy day? For someone else, it is the grunge movement of the 1990’s, while someone else can only visualize the space needle. When you get to this city with the kids, you must first appreciate that it is a seaport, so there are plenty of open water activities to engage in. When you all get tired of doing that, go on tour of:

  • The Space Needle: from a distance away, one might not think of this structure as a destination. I did not, until I found myself at the top on one of my visits there. Take the kids with you to the top and let them enjoy this view of Seattle from the top. It is best to engage in this activity when it is clear and the visibility is perfect.
  • Pike Place Market: this market has been running since 1907. Unlike any other market I knew before this one, none was as big as Pike Place which sits on nine acres. The kids love being here, because they not only get to interact with fresh farm produce, but also have a chance to taste local produce, and fresh baked goods.

The market is also home to numerous diners and cafes where families can grab a quick bite. Crafts and collectibles are plenty here and this is great, because you can buy each child something to take back home. Did you remember to bring the camera? A giant bronze piggybank at the market is a popular attraction for kids who insist on taking pictures with it.

What do you tell your kids to do with already chewed gum? I know I can get really irritated with this subject and especially when I come across gum stuck in the mostly unlikely places. If you stop by Pike Place, do not leave until you have been to Gum Wall, right outside the main market entrance. This wall measures 50 feet tall and has chewed gum stuck all over it. Allow your kids to contribute to the Gum Wall and they will talk about it for weeks later.

Depending on the time you have been flights, you can either head bad to the airport for your connecting flight or stay on to enjoy art exhibitions, museums, or a walk through the discovery park. Older kids especially will love to watch a sports game and shop for souvenirs.

These activities have been quite helpful in entertaining the kids before we catch the Orlando flight and as one would expect their energy levels are way lower inflight. To cover as much ground as possible within the layover time you have in Seattle, better buy a Go Seattle Card — this card is a money saver because of the unlimited admission it caters for in more than 35 of the city’s attractions.

For residents of Seattle, catching a flight to Orlando does not have to be a back to back activity between home and the airport. You are free to roam around the various attractions in your car then look for Parking near Seatac airport facilitated by Parkos. To make sure that you spend as little as possible on Seatac airport parking rates, book early, days or weeks before the material day. Parkos provides for airport long term parking or short term parking depending on the duration that the car owner will need it to be parked. While airport parking information can be obtained from the airport terminal, the Parkos online page is self-explanatory.

Things The Kids Will Love To Do In Orlando

Some of the attraction spots I have been to and equally enjoyed are LEGOLAND® Florida Resort, Kennedy Space Center, ICON Orlando (previously known as Coca-Cola Orlando Eye), Green Meadows Petting Farm, Fun Spot America, WonderWorks, Congo River Adventure Golf, and the alligator capital known as Gatorland. Obviously, we are all on a quest for adventure but cautious of the amount of money we put into it. The Go Orlando® Card pays for most of these attractions. Did you know that you can even build your own pass by filling it with a list of preselected tourist attractions, and still pay a subsidized rate for unlimited access?

Take them to the Museum of Science And Industry

This is not your typical museum where artifacts of dead animals line up the displays. Located in Tampa, is an intriguing destination for children of all ages. I was initial skeptical about going on a tour of this museum, because I would not exactly lay down my life for history but this place changed my perception. The museum lays out the importance of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math (STEAM) to study and explore the world. All the 400+ exhibits in this museum are interactive and leave you with a smile of shear pleasantry. Did I mention that the IMAX has a dome theatre at this museum which is used for showing education-based films?

Relive The Titanic

Everybody has watched the titanic movie and the general consensus is that it is long, captivating and emotional.  Your kids may not have had the time to sit down through the entire length of the movie, but if they love shipwrecks, they are in for a blast. You will all find walking through the 20 rooms of the titanic exhibit quite enjoyable. You can even act out scenes in the life size replicas of some of the famous areas on the ship.

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