How to choose the right shampoo for your hair

November 12, 2019

There are more than a thousand shampoos in the market with each promising different and unique benefits for your hair. Some claim to the best shampoo for hair fall, some claim to hydrate your hair to the fullest while some promise thicker mane of hair. Some are specially engineered for treated and colored hair but the rest of the people, it’s becomes a hefty task to just select the shampoo that will provide benefits to the hair and scalp.

Since shampoo is meant to only clean the hair and scalp of excess oil, dirt, and styling products, it is important to consider the shampoos as cleaning agents. It becomes necessary to find out whether a person’s scalp is oily, dry, or combination, that is, the scalp is oily and the ends are dry.

After the person has determined their scalp type, the following criteria can be followed to choose the right shampoo.

Oily scalps

If a person has an oily scalp, then they may need to shampoo their hair about thrice a week to curb the excess oil and sebum. Some people need to wash their hair every other day to not let their hair go extra greasy. For such people, shampoos that promise smoothness, moisturization, and hydration will do no good and should be avoided since they will add unnecessary moisture to the scalp making it more greasy.

Shampoos that mention balancing, strengthening and volumizing on their label could be a good choice and remove the excess oil. A clarifying shampoo can also be used to help the super-oily scalp situation but should not be used excessively as they tend to dry out the scalp and most people do not know that the excessively dry scalp will produce more sebum and oil.

The double shampoo technique can also be utilized. In this technique, two different shampoos are used to combat two different hair conditions. So, one shampoo could be used for oily scalp while another can be used for the rest of the length of the hair.

Dry scalps

Dry and flaky scalps can create embarrassing and awkward situations. With such severe outcomes, choosing the right shampoo becomes a necessary action that a person needs to take.

The main thing to remember while choosing the right shampoo for dry scalp is to avoid volumizing and strengthening shampoos. These products will take away the moisture from the scalp rendering it even drier. A mild shampoo can be also be used to clean the scalp and nourish it.

For scalps that are dry but not flaky and itchy, hydrating shampoos could be used that will maintain the moisture in the hair and scalp keeping them healthy and providing nourishment to hair. Menthol and tea tree extracts in shampoos would also be a boon. Nioxin shampoos can help severe conditions.

The shampoos that should be avoided are the ones that contain sulfates and dry out the hair and scalp. Other ways to choose a shampoo could be based on the hair type. Choosing shampoos with natural ingredients can be a great way to maintain the health of the hair. A Biotique shampoo like the Bio Neem Margosa shampoo, the Bio Soya Protein nourishing shampoos, etc. could be a wise choice.

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