How to Transform a Boring Bedroom

November 21, 2019

A bedroom should be a calm and quiet space where you feel rested and relaxed, but that’s not to say that it shouldn’t reflect your personality! This is the most personal room in your house, so you should be putting in a little effort in order to put your own stylistic stamp on the space. White walls and plain floors look great, but they are lacking in excitement, so spruce them up and feel the room transform! Here’s exactly how you can take your bedroom from boring to beautiful in a few easy steps…

Use your walls

Wall space is very useful and all too often ignored. Take advantage of the space you have there and create some designs! A collage of small, large and medium paintings, photographs, textiles and poems will create a mini mural to your personality. Just be sure that the frames are somewhat cohesively styled or if in doubt, matching. Try installing some floating shelves to display any trinkets, books, mini sculptures or flowers, and never forget about a mirror! Decorative mirrors add a wonderful art deco element to the simplest of spaces, choose an oversized mirror to prop up against the wall for an earthy, bohemian look.  

Start a garden

Get green! Adding house plants, succulents and flowers is a sure-fire way to take the design of your bedroom up a notch. Place a statement large plant with a gorgeous planter in a corner of your room, and then enhance with smaller leaves dotted around on your dress, vanity, mirror or even headboard! This is a huge design trend this year and the good news is, as long as your water your plant babies, you can’t go wrong!

Introduce metallics

Metallic surfaces add a hint of excitement without disrupting your overall colour scheme or design. A shining gold, metal or brass surface actually integrates well into all design categories. Just be sure to select your tone in accordance with the colour palette of your room, for example, if your bedroom is all blues, lilacs or greens, you should opt for silver. Whilst creams, reds and pinks look best with gold, neutral palettes like white, navy or even black can host any metallic finish you please! Find shining vases, bowls or lamps for subtle pops of shimmer.

Swap out that rug

Bedroom rugs make such a big difference to the vibe of the room. Persian rugs give off a boho, artistic mood, whilst shag rugs are more Hamptons style glamour. If you want an accommodating rug that can fit all design moods, opt for a large hessian style – these go with literally everything!

Don’t forget your bedding

Bedding is very important! Make sure you don’t neglect the design potential that your bedding has. Perhaps you have an all-white room? Imagine if your bedsheets were a bold mustard shade, with soft pink and muted green accent pillows – changes the space entirely, right? Find bedding that you love and that goes with your space and you won’t go wrong. When in doubt, you can’t go wrong with a neutral beige or white bedsheet, no matter what your bedroom looks like.

Play with textures  

Be sure to mix a few different textures and elements to create a warm, comfortable space to be in. Hessian, linen, cotton, silk, metal, wood, glass – these all blend gorgeously. If you’re lost on materials, stick to natural items and fabrics, your room will look effortlessly chic and industrial!

Reinventing your bedroom is a fun and exciting job! Be sure to stay true to your style and what you love – it’s your space, after all! Check out your local furniture store in Campbelltown or greater Sydney to find some treasurable accessories and design accents that will freshen up your bedroom perfectly.

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