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November 24, 2019

Color is the thing that can change the beauty of images. Color plays with the images and expresses the moods. If the image is the story then color is the chemistry between the images and expression.

Color Correction Service

Now the question what will add depth, clarity, and drama to your images? The answer is called color correction service. The professional color correction service includes proper brightness, proper white balance, and filters, highlights, shadows, and an authentic refreshing look.

High-quality color correction service brings life into an image and that turns a good image into a great and a dull image into good. 

Let us find out what is offered under color correction services:

Color Variants

Color variants are a service that saves time and resources by providing different variants of product and fashion easily. This reduces the cost of money and time for the extended shoot.

Color Palette Adjustment

This service includes shifting from one color palette to another to fulfill editorial requirements. A professional can isolate elements on a photo and can implement color corrections to make beautiful and harmonious images.

Temperature Adjustment

Temperature adjustment is the way of making realistic images trough temperature adjustment. This technique can be employed to create a specific mood. If you take a picture in a shadow place this technique can bring the color of images just like the images that are picked under the heat of the sun.

Brightness And Contrast

This service mainly improves the tonal range adjustment. This technique can brighten the dark areas to reveal hidden things and it then adjusts the contrast to improve the color quality of images. This technique is the best way to make a vibrant image.

White Balance Correction

White balance correction service mainly removes the flaws of an image that can bring yellowish or bullish appearance. It preserves color integrity and assists to maintain accuracy.

Shadows And Highlights

This service mainly makes an image more realistic and depth. Some companies like the Clipping Way are highly experienced in this type of work. What they do with the images is enhance distance and size, as well as highlight the best effect to bring a dramatic touch on photos.

The above-mentioned service is professionally handled by Clipping Way. You share your story they bring to the life of your story through the images. They are waiting to create a new story with your assistance.

The following are the tools they use to make your image beautiful:

  • Digital Painting of New Color
  • Dodge and Burn
  • Channel Mixer
  • Gradient Map
  • Color Balance
  • Curves and Levels
  • Advanced Color Mixing in RAW format
  • Color Overlay
  • Contrast and Gamma Levels
  • Replace Color Tool

Why is color correction necessary?

Actually, you will hardly find an image that comes with the white perfectly balanced. The whites of an image come with perfect white where the black comes with exact black. This is not possible, as there is lot of light variation. And many objects reflection mix images color. Thus, it comes with some flaws.

Color variation can happen for many reasons like:

  • Camera settings
  • Source of light·
  • Objects around the subject
  • Distortions from light sources

It is a common issue for every photographer. Even if you have enough time to pick the right object you can still face a problem. The problem includes color change and derails of angle. Sometimes you need to conduct an indoor photoshoot with the wrong type of lighting, like artificial light from the studio. As artificial light cannot serve tonal balance and provide a warm tone when you need cool tone. 

But if you still wait for perfect tone balance then it will be a waste of time and money. So, you can easily save money by hiring a color correction team that will give you perfect color and tone within a nominal time frame. Sometimes you may need image background removal if there are any unwanted things in the background.

The color correction team will provide you high-quality photos. You will be astonished to see the image quality after getting the service!

Distortions From Additive And Subtractive Color Mixing

This is another issue that can make a photo dismay. Obscure colors in photos can be good looking, but not perfect for online business. The buyer always seeks accurate information of a product, where several shades and colors can give a negative impression about the product.

But you will be happy to know that there are some people who know how to handle this. They can bring the natural color tone and shade of your excreted photos. You can maintain your photoshoot deadlines and extra expense by picking the best color correction team for your company. The team will show the proper information about the project and you can get generate revenues without any extra expenses.

Distortion From Camera Settings

Sometimes it can happen when automatic settings of a camera can saturate colors. And if the color saturation is not good, then the photos become dismayed. The artificial intelligence of a camera always tries to make a picture more attractive, but it fails to give proper white balance and color. So, the photo loses its attractiveness and sharpness. If this happens, you will definitely face a great problem. And for this, your service photo editing team or color correction team are waiting. They will resolve the issue with their latest tools and the human brain.

How the team resolves your issue:


Using these tools professional can drop down the tab from RGB to isolate color individually. Then they enhance the appropriate color which demands the photo.


Curves are using for lighting adjustments. It can also be used to adjust the highlights and contrast colors of any images.

Color Balance

This system will make a perfect color balance of any images which will give an attractive image.

Replace Color

This will replace any color which is not suited for your images. This color tool is so effective for a good phot.


This is common method of making a color correction. This tool is available on any mobile phone or normal desktop. But only professional people can use it for making a great photo.

Finally, color correction is the service that can make a great photo without much expense. If you have an eCommerce shop or you have a hobby of photography, then you can easily take this service from Clipping Way. Thus, you can save your time and money and can get perfect images without reshooting!

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