Several Selection Criteria of Hotel Bath Towels

December 11, 2019

There is something about having high-quality bathroom and bedroom towels in your home. It doesn’t matter whether it’s for your guests or kids.  The same concept applies to the hotelier industry. Some hotels venture into super soft and comfortable towels.

Hotel bath towels give you a soft touch away from the home lines. They make staycations at the hotel better and fun.

However, the process of selecting a hotel bath towel can be unnerving. If you’re unsure about what to consider, you’re in the right place. This guide breaks down essential purchasing features like price, size, material, and weight.

  1. Towel Material

Hotel towels are available in different materials, with the most popular fabric being cotton. The cotton and polyester blend is designed from 14% polyester and 86% cotton. This blend leads to a durable product suitable for frequent use and great for a hotel business on a low budget.

There are cotton towels that are extremely absorbent, softer, and lush. The 100% cotton towels are fit for various uses. The zero twist cotton makes the towel lighter. The fabric may not have an excellent absorbent nature, but it dries up fast. It’s also eco-friendly.

Finally, there is Ringspun cotton, which is made on 100% cotton. It has a silky feel, and it’s an excellent choice for upscale to casual areas.

2. Uses

Hotel towels are used in different areas like the gym, spa, and hotel room. Usually, spa towels are made of superior Ringspun cotton yarns, designed to give you ultimate comfort. These towels are softer and thicker for maximum warmth and comfort.

Summer vacation will be on the beach or resort’s swimming pool. Unlike the standards hotel towels, pool towels are longer, softer with high absorption ability. These towels are also designed to dry fast in the sun.

3. Weight

Hotel bath towels come in different weights. The weight is calculated in pounds per dozen. Heavy towels tend to be more luxurious with high absorbent ability. More so, these towels are a bit pricey but worth it. However, heavy towels take time to dry.

You might not require a heavyweight towel at the gym, but it’s’ needed in the spa to keep your guests warm. Heavyweight towels are soft and plush to feel and touch.

Lightweight towels are an excellent economical choice. They are versatile, where you can use them at athletic clubs, gyms, resorts, and motels. The thinner quality will dry up fast but has the poor absorbent ability.

Typically, towels weighing between 15 – 20 lb./dozen are heavy while the ones weighing between 5 -10 lb./dozen are lightweight.

4. Size factor

When it comes to hotel towels, you might only think about bath towels, hand, and washcloths. But for a complete and comfortable hotel stay, there is a need to have extra linen such as bath mats, bathrobes, and sheets.

The size of the towel determines its function. Sheet towels are the biggest and tend to be lighter than a bath towel. Additionally, the bath sheet has a larger length, and it will drape around you or your guest snuggly.

Bath mats are generally smaller in size compared to bath towels. These towels are placed on the bathroom floor to prevent slippery floors after taking a shower. Bathroom falls can cause death or head injuries. Luckily, you can avoid such occasions by having a high-quality bath mat.

On the other hand, bathrobes will wrap around you and have a better fit. Some of the bath ropes are designed with a wrap-around belt to ensure the robe stays in place. Bathrobes get heavier when wet. Hence, they don’t dry quickly.

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Cleaning Hotel Bath Hotels

After choosing the right towels for your business, it’s important to note how you can clean them. Though different hotels have different ways of cleaning and wash cycles, there are basic steps you can follow.

Use warm water to clean the towels with detergent to eradicate wax and other substances. It’s not recommended to wash towels with a bleach. Instead, use non-chlorine or oxygen bleach to maintain the appearance and quality of the fabric.

Ensure you extract the towels to prevent mildew.

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