Evening Dress Ideas for All Occasions

December 18, 2019

Evening dresses are notoriously tricky to get right, you want to look and feel as beautiful as possible whilst also following the dress code and still channelling your own personal style – quite an ask! When it comes to actually finding one that you love and feel great in, you need to proceed with a little caution. By carefully approaching your dress purchase, you’re going to minimise dreaded buyer’s regret and have a frock in your wardrobe that you’ll want to wear again and again. In order to find that dreamy dress that works for every occasion you have on your social calendar, you need to…

Determine your budget

First things first, budget! Now, this isn’t exactly the fun part but oh boy is it necessary. Determining those numbers is essential for streamlining and guiding your entire process, so sit down and get it done early on to get started. Evening dresses aren’t exactly a cheap item to get if you want to find something that lasts you a long time and carries you through all your upcoming occasions. If you are on a tighter budget, try looking at renting a dress or scouring the sale section of your favourite websites. Once you’ve got your budget down pat, you can move onto the fit.

Find the right fit

Your dress’ fit is absolutely essential and by far the most important consideration for you to make. You need to look at your shape and the cuts that you already have tucked away in your own closet to make the best decision possible. The main fits you’re going to see on your hunt include A-line, mermaid, off the shoulder, low back, wrap and slip. When you’re looking for something to wear to all your special occasions, you need a fit that feels comfortable and really drapes your figure in the best light possible. Avoid the temptation of super trendy cuts and go for a classic option to get the most out of your investment.

Carefully select materials and colours

You’ve decided on your perfect silhouette, now what? Well, the fun part really! Time for some stylistic selections and the place to start is with materials. Your dress’ fabric makes a huge difference to the overall look and feel of the piece, so you need to put some thought in here. For a classic, timeless look, satin, silk or lace are best. You can find evening gowns cut out of jersey, tulle, sequin or shimmer – which are beautiful but might not be as adaptable for all your different occasions. When it comes to colour, try to opt for tones that are going to pair well with a range of colourful accessories and makeup looks. A refined neutral, black or a bright pop of red are all beautiful, versatile choices.

Don’t forget about accessories   

Accessories make all the difference when you’re dressing a gown for multiple events! A plain black dress adorned with woven, wooden and earthy accents looks completely different when instead it’s dressed with a black choker, slicked-back hair and chunky black platform boots. Be sure that you pick a dress that is able to harmonise with multiple different aesthetics, this means a neutral coloured, accommodatingly shaped gown that you’ll get excited about wearing to lots of special days and nights.

By following these seriously simple tips, you are sure to find that perfect piece to rock at any formal event. If you’re still feeling cloudy, do some research to find some versatility inspo and see just how much of a difference accessories can make to a classically chic item of clothing.

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