Finding Support When Caring For An Elderly Loved One

December 18, 2019

Caring for an elderly loved one can be incredibly rewarding and offer a real sense of fulfilment in life. When you care for that special someone, however, your other responsibilities may not necessarily disappear. It is important to make sure you have the right support systems in place to help provide the best level of care possible. To work out what disability support services will work best for your family, let us review the support options available to you and your loved one:

Assess The Situation

The first step in discovering your support options is to assess your situation thoroughly. Get a better sense of your own availability, outside responsibilities and your loved one’s requirements. With this deeper insight, you will be in a much better place to understand what care solutions will work best for your family. Take into account whether your elderly loved one requires full-time attention and care or whether they only require a short term solution. That short term solution may be a specific time period, say a few months, or it may be one or two days a week, or it could be one or two hours each day. There are many options available with short-term care. It is always best to choose the care solution with all of the facts in hand, rather than having to change after you have put something in motion.

Home Care Support

The best kind of care for your elderly loved one might be a little support to help them live life to the fullest in their own home. Home care support is a great option for those who are capable of living at home by themselves, but still need a check-in or support to get other jobs done. If you work or have responsibilities, which mean you cannot do the regular drop in’s, then home care support may just be the best option for your family. Administered by qualified professionals with experience caring for and interacting with elderly people, this is a common ‘first step’ for many elderly individuals who need a helping hand but not quite ready for aged care. Rest assured that in your absence, the carers checking in on your loved one are treating them with the same respect and care as you would. A wonderful place to fine home care support is

A Home Away From Home

Depending on the level of care your elderly loved one requires, the best option may well be a residential care option. Residential care is a great option for those who require additional or specialized care. A level above the home care support option, residential care is a live-in care option for elderly people where they will receive the care and attention they need. This option is particularly useful to those who are trying to care for loved ones where their needs surpass their capabilities, such as medical treatments. This option can be the peace of mind you need for your elderly loved one.

Specific Support

There may be times in your elderly loved one’s life where they need some support for a defined or specific period of time. Respite care is the perfect option during those times, offering the short term support your loved one may need after a certain event. Moreover, respite care can be particularly useful if there is a time period in which you are unable to offer visits or care, such as holidays. Respite care is usually offered in-home or can even be in overnight stays. Elderly people can find it difficult to get up, and they can become set rigid after sitting down for too long or sleeping in the same position for a fixed period. To make your loved one life easier you should you look for shower chairs, an armchairs room, or adjustable beds that would allow them to lift and alter their chairs and beds as they want. When your elderly loved one has slept better or sat better you will notice an improvement in their behavior which should be positive for everyone within your home.

Care options are available no matter what your situation when caring for an elderly loved one. The first step towards selecting the right option for you is understanding your needs and situation. Once you are armed with that info, you are ready to choose the right care option for your family, whether that is short or long-term.

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