World’s best summits for hiking

December 19, 2019

If you want to go for hiking, you must love to explore new things, that is what is highly unique in hikers. Hiking is a type of skill.

Like every other skill in hiking, you also need to stay passionate. Lately, I was thinking about planning my yearly hiking schedule and this time I want to start it internationally.

You can also start this, by join various groups on Facebook and social media for hiking. They will keep you updated about the upcoming trips. In my early childhood my father took me for climbing various hills.

That is how I generated this interest in hiking. In this article we will have a look at the world’s best summits which are quite interesting and full of new exotic things. One of them is climbing Mount Kilimanjaro  , which is in Africa. I do not think most of us know about that. Because Africa is thought to be plain desert for most of us, except for South Africa.

Before we start let us make sure that you all know about the tips for hiking, the first one is to make a checklist about the things you need to take with you. secondly, you must have a clear idea about the people you will be travelling with, for instance if you plan to go with your kids, then your planning must be very severe.

Anyhow, here is the list of the best summits.

1.    Mount Kosice

If you are planning to get to Australia, then this summit is a must-visit for hikers. It is 2200m high. Secondly, it is the best if you are traveling with some old age people.

The chairlift service available at the base of the mount will take you up to 300m or more, from there it will take a whole day for reaching the top, the ascent is nearly plain, it is not very steep, that is why I believe it is an ideal summit for going with your kids or parents.

2.    Mount fuji

I have not seen more than 100 people who know about mount fuji, in my region a very few people are interested in visiting Japan. It is located in the Honshu region of Japan.

It will be a tough journey; it is recommended to take a lot of dry fruits and easy to carry snacks along with you. old people and kids should not hike this mountain without proper precautions and safety measures.

The management has made four different starting points for climbing, you can choose any route depending upon your convenience.

3.    Jebal Toubkal

It is in the Atlas Mountains Morocco. You can visit this mountain anytime during the year, as it is always covered with snow. The best time to climb is during summers, but that will be a bit risky because of the melting of glaciers.

4.    Mauna Kea

If you are in Hawaii, then try to consult your agent about hiking. Not many people know about this adventure, but it is highly recommended. It is an easy hike and going in groups is quite safe.

The best part is you can reach the summit in your car as well, so take your family with you, while you are on your foot, they can cheer you up.

It will take almost a day to reach the summit, at the top, you can do a bonfire and camping, and in the morning travel down in your car.

5.    Mount Kilimanjaro

It is the world’s tallest freestanding summit. You will need to stay in the wilderness for almost 5 to 6 days, in order to reach the summit.

If you want to enjoy it alone with fewer people around you then come in March or January.

If in case you think you would enjoy being around people, then the main season to come is between October and December when the cost to climb Kilimanjaro is quite high.  

The Marangu the route is the most simple and exciting one, because of the views and the ease. Some adventure lovers choose some other routes with a lot of difficulties.

6.    Chimborazo

The Chimborazo is one of the volcanic summits. It is the farthest point format h center of earth, in Ecuador. You will have to climb for almost 3 days, it will need some more tips which you must know before setting on. 

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