How To Buy A Hiking Backpack [Ultimate Guide]

April 12, 2022

Do you know the most common mistake that newbies make when deciding to go on a hike? It is deciding to take a basic backpack. Surely, there is no unspoken rule that says under no circumstances can you take a school or work backpack on a hike.

However, the difference in experience that comes with taking a hiking backpack versus a traditional bag is quick to convince people the type of backpack matters.

Knowing how to buy a hiking backpack is a valuable set of skills to master when you decide to make the investment. Since hiking packs come in a wide range of styles and functions, it is important to understand your needs, as well as your preferences to find the right backpack for you.

Choosing the right backpack can help you bring your hiking experience to the next level.

In the rest of this article, I am going to share with you some easy practical tips that will help you make the best choice based on your needs and budget. You can get more details in Hikerology.

How to find a comfortable backpack for you?

Do you know the number one criteria you should take into consideration when wondering which hiking pack to pick?

It is something that overrides the price. The comfort.

No matter how cheap or expensive your pack might be and no matter how many cool features it has, if it does not sit comfortably on your back and shoulders, then it is simply not meant for you.

Maybe I will surprise you even more by saying that even if a pack comes from a fancy brand, it still might not be the ONE.

There are some important factors defining how comfortable a pack is. The most common of them are:

  • Size
  • Fit
  • Padding
  • Suspension
  • Ventilation

Let us quickly go through each of them.

Dimensions: The ideal for a hiking backpack is to choose a medium size, because surely we will not spend more than one day outside. A capacity of between 10 and 20 liters is great, comfortable to carry and does not allow you to overload it with weight.

Endurance: Important that it has good seams, resistant zippers and comfortable adjustable straps of course to adapt the hiking backpack to our measurements.

Outside pocket: Another important issue is that it has an outer pocket that allows you to have direct access to what you want to have more at hand, without having to remove the entire content.

Waterproof cover: It is also convenient that you have a waterproof cover to protect it from the rain.

Tiras adjustable exterior: Lastly, the outer adjustable straps are necessary to securely fix the load. They provide security in movement and allow hanging other items such as the canteen.

What to bring in your hiking backpack

Having chosen the hiking backpack, the important thing now is to decide what to take for a relaxed and low-difficulty outing to the mountains. Select what you consider important and prepare a list. That way, you will not forget anything!  

Clothes and complements. If, in addition to what you wear, you need to carry an extra garment or accessory in your backpack, try to wear pieces that allow you to adapt to the possible variations of the weather. 

  •  Spare trekking pants
  •  Windbreaker, raincoat and polar
  •  Scarf, cap, or hat
  • Gloves or mittens
  •  Spare socks
  •  Sunglasses 

Reevaluate your backpack after every trip

Reflecting is thinking, thinking, and rethinking. This act allows decisions to be made consciously, better understanding the lessons that remain. This is exactly what the hiker should do when returning from an activity. You need to disassemble the backpack and check everything that was used and what was not.

For items that have not been used, it must be carefully evaluated whether they really should be part of the activity in an upcoming outing. Check and reflect on what was leftover. Do not forget to visit Tenerife.


Finally, we give you these tips to not leave a mark on the mountain, each with a link where you can read more about it:

  • Choose an ideal place to camp.
  • Go to the bathroom without a trace.
  • Make bonfires only in designated places.
  • Do not throw garbage, of any kind (including organic).


Choosing the right backpack for your needs can help you increase the comfort and convenience of your entire hiking experience.

 Finding a rucksack that matches your very own requirements and body type can sometimes feel like a bit of a struggle. However, once you find THE ONE, you will be glad you kept looking. Also, Visit US Imprint for high-quality backpacks in a different color.

When it comes to spending money on something that you want to use for the foreseeable future, we always recommend doing your research diligently and reviewing warrant plans prior to purchase.

When you find the right backpack, you will be itching to head out on the trails.

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