Six Tips And Tricks For Hiking With Kids

April 29, 2021

Introducing children to nature is a great idea and a positive step towards introducing the love of nature to them at an early age. A hiking trip is a great idea to do so, however, planning and organizing a hike can be difficult for parents at times. The Scottsdale hiking tours can be of great help for all such parents who are looking for a guide. For a direct approach, here are six tips and tricks that can make a hike fun and easy for the parents:

  • Keep It Feature-Friendly

Pick a hike that is not exhausting and tedious for the first time. As it is a new experience for your kids, it should be comfortable and friendly so that they may not get tired and bored with the strenuous route. You want to make their first experience a memorable one. Pick a trail that has a stream, meadows, greenery, and something interesting to keep them occupied and motivation for hiking. The journey has to be interesting.  You ought to make it memorable so the kids would want to return. 

  • Pack Extra Clothing

It is better to take certain clothes with you. You must pack raincoats to protect the kids in case it rains; they also act as a great windbreaker. Keep jackets as well in case chilly winds are blowing on the route. Do not forget to pack gloves, hats, and boots, as well on a chilly morning or an extremely sunny day. Kids can step in puddles or mud depending on the trail, so it is a good idea to make them wear hiking boots or sneakers. If the kids are aged between 5 – 7 years, it is better to pack changing clothes for each child.

  • Choose A Leader

Kids always love being given a responsibility; they take it as a challenge to prove their worth. It also keeps their interest intact. You can pick a leader amongst the kids and rotate the responsibility. This can make them feel empowered. Since the kids will be in the lead and the pace will be slow, you will be ensuring that you explain certain phenomenon and the surroundings to them. 

  • Prepare For The Unseen

Things do not always go as planned. Sometimes a well-planned trip can go downhill due to weather or if someone is feeling unwell, so it is better to be prepared for the worst. Pack certain kid-friendly supplies including chocolates, juice and water bottles, safety whistle for every kid, camera, field guides to point things out, magnifying glass, binoculars, lip balm, first aid kit, and tissues or wet-wipes. 

  • Let Them Prepare Their Backpack

Encourage children to get their backpacks ready. This will induce a sense of responsibility in them. Provide them with certain essentials and interesting gadgets like binoculars, a compass, or a GPS unit.  

  • Increase The Stakes

Once the kids get familiar with a hike, you can take them camping and other adventures like an overnight hike. Sleeping under a starry sky can be very exciting for young ones. You can introduce them to the idea by sleeping in your backyard with smores and hot chocolate. 

Enjoying and appreciating nature leads to its preservation and the generation of the future needs to take interest in such drives. Parents can show the wonders of nature to kids and cherish its beauty during a hike.

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