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Four Ways To Make Hiking More Comfortable

June 10, 2021
Hiking is an enjoyable experience that can take your mind off your everyday concerns. Fresh air combined with stunning landscapes can work wonders for your body, but only if you are feeling comfortable along the way. To help turn your hiking adventure into an exceedingly pleasant journey, we have prepared four tips on...

Scenic Hiking Destinations in Patagonia, South America

Scenic Hiking Destinations in Patagonia
June 1, 2021
Patagonia is one of the most luxurious and beautiful holiday destinations in the world. As a region across Argentina and Chile, it contains panoramic views and a haven away from all the stress in the world. While some like to swim and join Quasar Expeditions Patagonia tours, others like to...

Six Tips And Tricks For Hiking With Kids

April 29, 2021
Introducing children to nature is a great idea and a positive step towards introducing the love of nature to them at an early age. A hiking trip is a great idea to do so, however, planning and organizing a hike can be difficult for parents at times. The Scottsdale hiking tours can...

The Best Tips For Planning A Hike

April 24, 2020
A hiking adventure is a great way to have a holiday that is full of positive energy. You will be working on your health, your endurance, your knowledge of nature, and your relationships; all the while you will be feeling the relaxation of a vacation miles away from all your...

Best Spots For Hiking In Northern Thailand

Northern Thailand
January 22, 2020
Northern Thailand is well known for its thickly forested mountains and the region borders with Laos and Myanmar. The northern part of Thailand is inhabited by several hill tribes and dotted with ancient Buddhist temples. Another reason why tourists and locals come here is because of the immense opportunities for...