Scenic Hiking Destinations in Patagonia, South America

June 1, 2021

Patagonia is one of the most luxurious and beautiful holiday destinations in the world. As a region across Argentina and Chile, it contains panoramic views and a haven away from all the stress in the world. While some like to swim and join Quasar Expeditions Patagonia tours, others like to hike to see what Patagonia has to offer. If you’re in the latter group, here are some of the leading destinations to keep in mind!

The W-Trek

Type’ hiking routes in Patagonia’ into Google, and you’re likely to see the W-Trek constantly (and for a good reason!). Crossing some of Patagonia’s most beautiful and elegant parts, this hike will take you around the Torres Del Paine National Park over many days. The name gives away the pattern of the walk, but it’s well worth the effort as you discover everything that the national park has to offer. This includes sedimentary peaks, glaciers, wildlife, flora, grasslands, stunning lakes, and forests.

If you choose this destination, don’t forget your camera as you walk around the stunning landscapes and forget about work for a while (what work?).


With majestic hanging glaciers and plenty of other amazing spectacles, Tronador is another popular scenic hiking destination in Patagonia. Towards the north of the region in Argentina, it requires a couple of hours on a bus from Bariloche, but you’ll love the forest, steep glaciers, and rustic feel to the hike.

Cerro Castillo

Back in the day, experts in this region will tell you that this was once a trek that required several days. However, you can now access a one-day steep trail thanks to the emergency route that has been opened from Villa Cerro Castillo. While stumbling across endless black rocks and blue glacial lakes, everywhere you turn will yield postcard-worthy views.

Volcan Chaiten

After lying dormant with little activity for over 9,000 years, the world was shocked when this volcano started erupting back in 2008. Based in the south of Chile, thousands of people in nearby villages were told to leave their homes behind, and the surrounding area, even today, is still covered in ash and charred trees. If you like to combine your hikes with some history, this is one of the best destinations in Patagonia.

Covering less than three miles, it’s a simple morning or afternoon hike and can be found in the Pumalin National Park. Although a steep trail and through rocky boulders, this is a constant journey of discovery as you encounter pumice stones and obsidian that came from the eruption over a decade ago.

Huemul Circuit

If you’re an experienced hiker and need a challenge while in Patagonia, you’ll find precisely this with the Huemul Circuit. As you climb over two passes, it’s an intense hike where navigation is key, and river crossings are common. Yet, it also has some of the best views around, so it’s a battle between risk and reward.

Due to the challenging nature of the hike, this destination is typically relatively quiet (hooray!). You shouldn’t keep bumping into people, and this offers a secluded feeling as you see silt-filled rivers, massive glaciers, and deep forests. As you cover around 40 miles, the first day is probably the easiest, and it continues to grow in difficulty from here.

Other Hiking Destinations

Elsewhere, consider an overland safari adventure in Patagonia to get the blood pumping and explore the best that the region has to offer. Also, the following are worth further research:

  • Exploradores Glacier
  • Fitz Roy
  • Las Pumas
  • Refugio Otto Meiling Trail


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