Age Verification Services: What You Need To Know?

June 1, 2021

Regulators are keeping close tabs on online businesses to do age verification before selling their products over the internet. Age verification is indeed important in a variety of industries, including online gaming, gambling, beverages, and online dating. It is also advantageous where internet fraudsters commit various types of identity theft because of the increased digital footprint. Minor identity fraud is rather common nowadays, and it is becoming a growing worry for businesses. 


The Social Security Number (SSN) is a form of identification given to minors at the moment of delivery. It is designed to verify a child’s identification until they are classified as a legal citizen of the country. Social Security numbers are used to authenticate a child’s identification, but they might pose problems if they are compromised. Thieves steal children’s PII data in order to commit a series of travel scams. This is when the need for online age verification becomes critical.

What is Age Verification?

Digital age verification is a process that verifies a client’s legal age over the web. It necessitates vital age information in order to determine whether or not a person enrolling on a site is of legal age. Several firms have replaced manual age checks with digital age identification to ensure seamless and effective procedures and do away with time-consuming and complicated methods. It also helps organizations preserve the all-important user loyalty and worldwide reputation that helps them gain a strategic advantage.

Why is it Incumbent Upon Companies?

Adhering To Ethical Responsibility

Organizations have a moral and ethical obligation to not only promote market-accepted norms but also to contribute value to them by providing age verification solutions. Before completing their jobs, retailers who promote and provide age-restricted commodities must verify the age of their customers. An age verification system can help digital shops prevent youngsters from accessing content that is inappropriate for their age group. Online age verification solutions not only aids in compliance with the CSR but also elevate a company’s status in the eyes of regulators.

Doing Away With Criminals

On the web, online criminals are always attempting to dupe people into providing their personal information so that they may use it to earn a material gain. One such example is the travel industry, where fraudsters may use bogus information to book transportation, check-in at cafés, or go to any specified location. It solves this problem of whether the age information provided by the customer is correct and supplied by a real customer. 


Age verification solutions can certify real clients of the proper age by executing a series of age checks such as face recognition and ID card authentication. Fraud in retirement and old-age stocks, in addition to abuse of minors, is a concern that age verification solutions can address. Perpetrators’ false and synthetic ids can be identified in real-time, preventing them from being accepted by the system.

So, What’s Wrong With Manual Methods?

When visiting an adult beverage store, you must either be of age or purchase under an adult’s supervision. As per the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) guidelines, adults above the age of 18 can purchase liquor or other alcohol products, however, children under the age of 18 are not permitted to do so. The same regulations apply in an online situation where alcohol sellers require a proper manner of conducting their services after validating the purchaser’s age. So, manual age checking is no longer used. Isn’t it true that anybody can evade self-checks on online platforms with a simple click of a button? This is because manual age tests do not always determine whether the client is an adult or a devious youngster attempting to circumvent the age verification process.

Summing it up

Age verification is a problem that will continue to be a problem if it is done using older methods. Because of the unprecedented growth of the technological age, today’s youth are exposed to increasingly violent and inappropriate stuff on the internet. As a consequence, the employment of digital age verification solutions is critical, and AI-based age verification online systems are appropriate for this sensitive task. 


Third-party electronic age verification solutions provide a diverse range of services, including the screening of clients before giving them access to age-restricted items. Because these online businesses operate in a specific market, they must adhere to various compliance requirements, one of which is the requirement to verify their age.

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