Top 5 benefits of acquiring a certification in Cisco CCNP for Potential Networking Professionals 

May 31, 2021

Mastering the core fundamentals of IT is one of the best decisions one can make in terms of choosing a career path. But, obtaining specific certifications in the field of IT can further help you grow your career. Cisco, an IT-based company that deals in the provision of networking hardware, offers several certifications that can be obtained by passing certain exams like the Spoto 350-601 DCCOR dumps and/or the 350-801 CLCOR. By scoring well in these examinations, you will be recognized as a certified Cisco specialist. Moreover, having a certification in this particular field can lead to some pretty amazing benefits, some of which have been discussed below. 

1.Well-paid position:

When looking for a job, the first and most important factor that people take into consideration is the salary. However, if you possess a certification awarded by Cisco, you can rest assured that you’ll definitely land a high-paying job. Network engineering is a skill that is highly demanded by various businesses, which is why these companies are willing to pay lots of money to acquire these skills.

2. Globally recognized:

The best part about being a certified Cisco specialist is that you can sell your services in the international market as well. Also, because this position is highly demanded by employers worldwide, you can negotiate a higher rate at which you will be paid. And if you’re good at your job, your employer will most probably agree to it. 

3. High employment rate:

Cisco specialists are hired almost instantaneously because most large-scale businesses manage their operations using a Cisco networking system. And because of this, employers are in need of certified individuals who understand the Cisco platform and can quickly solve any problems that arise within it. 

4. Serves as a foundation for advanced certifications:

By possessing a professional certification in Cisco, you’ll have the option of further advancing your career by acquiring advanced certifications in this field. For example, If you’re already a certified CCNA specialist, you can further work towards becoming a certified CCNP Data Center analyst or a CCNP service provider, etc. But, do keep in mind that proceeding to advanced certifications requires you to enroll in the course/examination beforehand. 

5. Makes you look more credible:

Credibility is paramount in this day and age, and employers are very particular about who they hire. For this reason, having a certification that states you’re specialized in Cisco networking will make you look more credible in the eyes of your employers. It also shows that the employer can blindly trust the certified specialist to fulfill his responsibilities effectively and efficiently. 


There are tons of other benefits that come with this certification. However, the most important benefit of being certified in this field is that you’re constantly learning new core concepts that can be applied and implemented wherever you work. In addition to this, it shows that you are genuinely experienced in this field and that you also possess the skills required to manage a cisco networking platform effectively.

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