How to use serum on face step by step

May 31, 2021

Most people don’t know the difference between a serum and a moisturizer. The main difference in this case is what serums don’t include which is the ‘’sealing’’ ingredients including mineral oils and petrolatum. The second difference is that serums are able to work more efficiently in the skin. This is mainly because they have smaller particles and don’t contain airtight ‘’sealing’’ particles.

Most serum users opt for using moisturizer over the serum which helps lock the serum anti-aging actives and nutrients to the skin. It’s also important to keep the moisturizer in the fridge. This way, the coldness of the product can help push more blood into your skin through the capillary contraction. This increases the penetration of serum anti-aging properties and other actives. The first consideration is to pick a brand that will work for you depending on preferences and current needs. One great alternative is the serums to apply with micro needling.

Before application of serum in your skin, you have to note that moist skin is ten times permeable to skin care products that dry skin. Consequently, we recommend applying serum twice every day directly to your skin. However, you should apply it after cleansing and toning. Early in the morning, you are expected to apply your facial serum before you apply the SPF moisturizer or any other type of sunscreen. At night when you don’t need any sunscreen, you should apply the serum before applying your night cream and moisturizer.

You are expected to apply the serum over the entire face, neck and décolletage after cleansing the skin.

Step 1:

Cleanse and exfoliate your skin. The first step is to make sure your skin is clean and free from all dust, and sweat.

Step 2:

Fill the skin up with a toner or facial mist. This is mainly because a moist face absorbs the actives better than a dry skin.

Step 3:

Put the serum in your fingers and press on with your fingertips. Allow the serum to be absorbed into the skin for few minutes. Take about a dime of serum with two of your fingers and massage it thoroughly in your skin. It’s important to know that more serum applied to the skin doesn’t equal to additional benefits. The fact remains that your skin can only absorb a certain amount of this skin care product.

Step 4:

It’s now time to apply a moisturizer. This is the last step in the list. You can choose your favorite moisturizer as the last resort.

Can we apply serum directly on face?

Yes, serum is an ordinary skin care product that contains useful and powerful ingredients. This means that it’s safe to be applied directly on your skin. However, serum is applied directly on the skin after cleansing and moisturizing.

Can we use face serum daily?

You can apply face serums twice-daily. Face serum can be applied early in the morning before applying any of your other makeups and immediately before retiring to bed at night. However, the instructions can vary from one brand to the other. Read instructions and directions carefully before applying any serum and incorporating it to your daily skin care routine.

Do you wash serum off your face?

Before you apply serum in your face, you need to wash and exfoliate your skin using a scrub or facial wash. After application, you will be expected to rinse your face wash away.

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