The Favorite Destinations Of The Rich And Famous

September 3, 2019

The rich and famous really know how to vacation. If you have ever flipped through celeb-packed magazines or perhaps come across their highly Insta-worthy posts online, you will know they only ever visit the most gorgeous places on earth. We are talking places which offer everything from crystal clear waters, to boat trips, parties, incredible food — you name it, they find it. 

If you want to know just how the rich and famous find these spots and where in the world they are located, look no further. We are here to give you the ultimate low down, so you can visit too. And the best thing about it, most of these places cater to every type of traveler and every budget. 

  • Places that are private and exclusive 

The rich and famous, of course, prioritize privacy and exclusivity otherwise they would not be on much of a holiday at all. You too may relate to this need even if you are not an A-list celeb as most people would like to steer clear of crowds and tourist hotspots, and instead find hideaways that are relaxed and not chaotic. A luxury private island is the rich and famous’ solution to this, and even you can find yourself one! Places like Thanda Island, with only one main manor house, can be booked out by a single person/group, meaning you have uninterrupted use of all the amazing amenities and the crystal clear ocean. A luxury private island for rent is always the way to go!

Where to go: 

-Thanda Island 

-Necker Island, British Virgin Islands

-St Barths, USA

  • Places with five-star adventure 

The rich and famous also love some adventure, but not without luxurious comforts. Often adventurous places forget about the five star amenities, however ski resorts in Europe (Switzerland, France, Italy, or Austria) are always packed with A-listers, because it is extra luxurious and it is one of the best ways to relax, have a good time with your friends, and go a little ‘under the radar’ in a pretty high profile place. It is also widely known that Prince Harry frequents Botswana in Africa for the ultimate safari adventure complete with all the five-star comforts that a true royal requires.

Where to go:

-Any good ski resort in Europe/USA

Botswana, Southern Africa

-Patagonia, Chile

-Arizona (Grand Canyon), USA

  • Places to party

Everyone loves a good party, but the rich and famous know how to do it in style, and know exactly which places to visit to fulfill their partying desires. Party islands such as Mykonos in Greece (as well as a few others) are always filled with Victoria Secret models, famous DJ’s, actors, and actresses, the list goes on. This is because Mykonos is beautiful, private enough for celebrities, and has some of the greatest beach clubs in the world. This truly is the ‘it’ place to be over the summer period between June and September. But what is great about these spots is that they are ideal for any type of traveler — even families with young children, because these islands are multi-faceted, with some sides that are extremely laid back and ideal for a vacation without the partying aspect.

Where to go:

-Mykonos, Greece

-St Tropez, France 

-Ibiza, Spain

  • Places with charm, charisma, and good food 

Then of course, those places that are just a dream for the senses, are well-liked by the rich and famous, and I am sure, by you too. Who could say no to impeccable views of the ocean, clear water beaches, buildings with charm and grandeur and food to die for. We are talking about places like Capri in Italy for example. Here you will find everything you are looking for out of a dream summer destination including the charm and the cuisine, and for the record, it is easy to do it on a budget while enjoying all the same pleasures that the rich and famous are.

Where to go:

-Capri, Italy

-Portofino, Italy

-ABarcelona, Spain

  • Places with style 

You just cannot forget about the places that are grand and stylish! These are the shopping capitals, art capitals and modeling capitals of the world, including cities such as London, UK. In fact, these are the places that most of the rich and famous live in, because it has everything you could ever want out of a first-world city and it is the ‘centre of the world’ when it comes to business. Visiting places like this really opens up your mind, and you begin to realize that the world is a lot bigger than the small town you may live in. Places like London and New York are energetic, grand, and alive with possibility!

Where to go:

-London, UK

-Paris, France,

-New York, USA

-Milan, Italy

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