How To Avoid Missing A Jackpot When You Are Traveling

December 25, 2019

Traveling is fascinating, but it should not make you miss a mega jackpot. With the advancement in technology, betting online has become more fun and easy. The good news is that you can place your bet from anywhere and at any time.

If you know how to place a bet and can connect to the internet, you are good to go. How would you feel if you won millions of money? Interestingly, placing a millionaire line bet does not empty your pockets. Jackpots are huge wins, but it is not so expensive to place a bet. Besides, Lottoland lets you bet on both Mega Millions and Powerball online, giving you a chance to make bucks when you’re traveling.

Most of us dream about winning a big Powerball jackpot, but are you prepared if your winning number actually comes up? If your first instinct is to rush out and cash your ticket immediately, think again. Once you claim your jackpot, lots of things are going to start changing very quickly, and you want to be prepared.  

Sure Hacks On How To Win Lottery

Do you want to walk away with millions? Here are the tips on how to boost your chances of winning when traveling:

  • Buy many tickets  if you buy just one ticket and wait to win, you will have to wait longer. But if you want to win quickly, you better buy more tickets, although it may cost you a lot of money. Placing a jackpot is more of trial and error, however the investment is worth it. The more the tickets, the higher your chances of winning the prize.
  • Choose the right games – nowadays, there are many emerging lottery games. If you participate in national jackpots, you have a wider number pool than local bets. Therefore, a broader pool lowers your chances of winning since it involves a lot of numbers. It is clear that with a local lottery, you are in a better position of winning than with national lottery.
  • Avoid choosing consecutive numbers  for instance, a lottery may have five lucky numbers and you are supposed to select up to 55 digits. According to studies, 70% of lottery jackpots fall in a particular range. In this case, the total numbers should range between 104 and 176. Be wise when selecting the winning numbers by choosing the numbers randomly.
  • Do not play number based on specific events – you may think of choosing the lucky numbers based on your birthday or any other momentous occasion. Since the calendar has dates up to 31, most of your numbers will be below 31. Now, selecting numbers above 31 lowers your chances of winning. Besides, it also reduces your probability of winning a shared prize. 
  • Form a syndicate research reveals that syndicates scoop 20% of winnings of all lottery jackpots. It is where friends, family, or a group bring together funds to boost their chances of winning prizes. Syndicates enable you to play more numbers and more games. However, after winning, you have to share the jackpot with all syndicate members.

Mistakes To Avoid After Winning A Jackpot

It is good to have plans, but after winning, you may get overwhelmed. There are some things that you might do, just like any other winner. Things to avoid: 

  • Making impulsive decisions  winning a jackpot should not make you lose direction. You may buy or do something that will leave you with nothing even after getting millions. After winning, many people end up spending the money in regretful ways. 
  • For example, Jonathan Vargas misused his money after winning a $35.3 million lottery at the age of 19 years. He lost the money so quickly. He told CBS News that if he had a second chance, he would advise people to wait for at least a year to decide what they want to do with the winnings.  
  • Do not give out money without plans  you will have many people around after winning, even those that were never close to you. It is okay to give, especially donations, but only after having your plans for the money. You might opt to start using the money immediately. But, as Vargas said, sit down and think about how to use the money wisely.
  • Do not seek financial advice from people without financial knowledge – after getting the money, you need a sober mind and guidance. Getting a professional financial advisor is the best way of managing your money. That way, you will have a happy ending, unlike many people who go back to zero after a few years. 
  • Do not carry a lot of money  traveling with a lot of money may tempt you to overspend on things that are not helpful. If you take a lot of cash with you, you may attract robbers. After Jack Whittaker of West Virginia won $315 million Powerball lottery jackpot, robbers stole his money, amounting to $545,000 from his car.  


You can win a jackpot, whether traveling or doing other things. All you need is a laptop or a smartphone and an internet connection. Also, you will need money to place the bets. The bottom line is to bet wisely using the above hacks. Then, if you win, sit down and have an excellent plan to avoid misusing the money and regret later. 

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