Top Things You Cannot Miss When Visiting Australia

December 25, 2019

For many travellers, visiting Australia is a once-in-a-lifetime trip, and they want to explore and experience as much as possible before leaving this country. On the other hand, this is one of the biggest places in the world, meaning that it definitely has a lot to offer.

Whether you want to spend your time in some romantic hotels in Melbourne or you are a solo traveller looking for a backpack experience, there are a few things that you cannot miss when visiting Australia.

Visit Sydney

Sydney is one of the most visited destinations in the world. Every year, millions of tourists explore this city and discover its beauty. This is definitely a modern and cosmopolitan place which has so much to offer that you may need a few weeks to enjoy everything.

However, if you can only spend a limited time here, you should visit the harbour and book a hotel in the Rocks area. This is regarded as one of the most beautiful natural ports on this planet, and it is also home to some of the best Australia’s attractions. This includes the Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge. This is also a fantastic natural playground for swimming, diving, sailing, or just enjoying yourself and your time in Australia.

The Great Barrier Reef

Does the Great Barrier Reef really need an introduction? This is the world’s largest natural system, and it is home to hundreds of fish species and individual reefs. There are many ways to experience what lies beneath the surface of the Australian ocean, from scuba diving to helicopter tours.

Learn To Surf

Surf is basically Australia’s national sport. You know what they say: while in Rome, do as the Romans do. In other words, your trip to Australia can be the perfect opportunity to learn to surf and catch some waves on the beautiful tropical ocean.

Visit the Australian East Coast

Australia is one of the largest countries in the world, so you will not be able to visit all of it in just one trip (unless you are planning to stay for a few months). If you can spend only a limited time in this country, then you cannot miss the East Coast.

This is where you can have a perfect grasp of what this country can offer, live some amazing and exciting adventures, and even meet many other fellows’ travellers and backpackers. Try car sharing to travel all around the Australian East Coast on a budget.

Do Not Forget the Outback

The Outback covers 80% of Australia but is currently home to only 1% of its population. This is one of the most fascinating places in the world, where you can experience a unique culture, amazing history and gorgeous landscapes. If you want to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the cities, then you must visit the Outback. Here you can sit back, relax, and enjoy one of the most beautiful Australia’s natural gems.

Check On Some Cute Animals

Many believe that Australia is home to terrible spiders and dangerous snakes. However, in this country, you can also encounter kangaroos, koalas, wallabies and even dingoes. It wouldn’t be a trip to Australia without checking on the wildlife. Don’t forget to approach wild animals carefully and responsibly, respecting their natural habitat.

Let Us Go Take A Walk

It wouldn’t be a trip to Australia without taking a walk from Bondi Beach to Coogee beach. These may be the best 6 km of your life, and you definitely want to check this out. On the other hand, you must absolutely visit Fraser Island.

This is the world’s largest sand island, and it is one of the most ecologically diverse places in the world. You can drive your way through it on a 4 x 4 jeep tour, or even do some sailing. Otherwise, you can just relax, sunbathe and enjoy the beautiful Australian weather.

National Parks

One of Australia’s most famous places is the Kakadu National Park (also known as Kada-don’t, but not tell that to locals). This natural area is so extended that you may need up to a week only to scratch its surface, but it is also worth a day trip if you want to learn more about Australian waterfalls, rivers, aboriginal rock art and wildlife.

If you are in Tasmania, you cannot miss Freycinet National Park. This area has some of the best walks in Australia, and here you can also visit the famous Wineglass Bay, with its white sand and turquoise water. If you have enough time, allow a walk to nearby Hazards Beach (it’s only 30 minutes away), where you may be lucky enough to come across some wallabies enjoying their time. You can stop here for a quick picnic, but don’t forget to respect the wildlife.

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