Rise of Granny Flat Designs: How They Help in Secure Your Financial Future

December 30, 2019

Small or big, everyone has a dream of buying a place that they can call home. However, the current situation of real estate makes it difficult to fulfill the dream. From high land prices to construction costs, there are several challenges that can shatter your dreams around your own home. Even if you somehow manage to build a house, it can affect your financial future. Then, how can you have your own home while securing your future?

An ideal solution to your problem is a granny flat. Constructed for one or two individuals, granny flat design the extension sare cost-effective accommodation solutions when you want to have your own home without putting a financial burden on your future.

Granny Flats Explained

Different from a big place called home, granny flats are mini apartments made on an existing property. Similar to your dream house, they have a bedroom, a kitchen, bathroom, and an entry place. However, they are smaller than conventional houses. You can also customise them to add more areas like the living room.

Unlike traditional homes, granny flats are small kit homes that are constructed in a factory outlet and installed on a site. They are easy to build and can be customised as per your requirements. Although these tiny homes are smaller structures, they are inexpensive structures. They can help fulfill your dream to have a home where you can live as per your rules.

Also, tiny homes are eco-property solutions in a world where the construction of big structures is affecting the environment. These small houses are transportable, which means you can transfer them to another place. It means you don’t have to build a new home when you relocate to a new place.

Granny Flats to Help Secure Your Financial Future

As tiny homes are more cost-effective accommodation solutions than conventional properties, they make you bring your small family under one roof. In addition, they help you secure your financial future.

Here are some ways they can help you in your efforts to secure your financial future: 

  • Low-cost Investment

Building a tiny home is easier and more cost-effective than constructing a big house from scratch. However, you can have all those regions in this small portion that you expect in a full-size home. It means you can have your own home without putting a financial burden on you. Instead of investing money in a big structure, you can save it for your future.

In addition to the low cost of construction, these tiny structures are easy to move to a new place. You can quickly transfer your small home, thanks to its factory-built parts that are easy to install and dismantle. After that, they can be constructed again. In this way, you can save the cost of building a new home.  

  • Keeping Family Together

A house allows you to bring all your family members under one roof, and eco designer homes do that at a cost-effective price. When you have a small family, these tiny houses make a perfect accommodation option that fits your budget. You can personalise your tiny home to add more regions to it. You can make it suit your needs.  

  • Added Property Value

Granny flats are in demand these days. You can get them for your use or construct them to make them available on rent near your place. In this way, they provide your property with added value. Prospective buyers pay more for properties with a modern-day living space.


Granny flats, or tiny homes, are modern-day housing solutions that give you an accommodation place at a cost-effective price. In the form of a transportable cabin, you can have your own home.

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