Seven Health Benefits Of Camping To Inspire You

September 8, 2020

Die-hard campers don’t need a reason or added motivation to camp. They are in it for the love of outdoors, camping, hiking, sleeping under the stars, and/orthe countless other physical activities that camping provides. 

Camping not only does wonders for your physical health, but the space away from the bustling crowd and traffic provides you the much-needed me-time so necessary for your mental and spiritual well-being. Whether you want to improve your endurance or take a break from your work-stress, camping is the magic potion that will enhance your overall health. 

Here are some of the top health benefits of camping:

  1. Your mind will love the greens

Exposure to green space and natural environs do wonders for your brain. In fact, studies have demonstrated that people are happier and healthier when they spend time in natural surroundings or in the midst of flora and fauna. Scientists claim that people who spend time in greener spaces experience immediate improvement in mental health and lesser mental distress.  The “quieter” brain phenomenon as it is called, allows our minds to dwell less on the negative emotions in life and enhances our mood. Not to mention, the improved heart rate, blood pressure and sleep duration that are all great for our mental health.

  1. Exercise

Camping provides ample opportunity to exercise. From canoeing to hiking, to taking a long walk you are simply more active physically when camping. 

The spike in daily activity equates to a faster metabolism, a healthier heart and more muscle and joint strength. Especially if the nature of your job is sedentary, going for a camp is one of the most natural ways to get physical.

  1. Exposure to Vitamin D

Vitamin D is crucial for bone health and many other aspects of our wellbeing. Did you know that Vitamin D can also boost your mood? Exposure to at least 10 minutes of sunlight every day is important for maintaining your overall levels of Vitamin D. 

Camping provides ample opportunities to get your daily dose of Vitamin D and more. Going for a hike or a bike ride, lying outdoors in your hammock or swimming, you will be sure to have your share of fun in the sun and do your body plenty of good.

  1. Better sleep

It seems counter-intuitive that you will sleep better outdoors than you do in the comfort of your bedroom and your own bed. Yet, most first-time campers are surprised when they find themselves sleeping so well during their maiden camping trip. 

The reason for this is that natural surroundings do wonders for your sleep clock. Plus, you will generally be active during the day, whether walking those 10k steps and more or hiking and cycling. The more active you are, the healthier you eat, the better your sleep quality. 

Camping will also reduce your screen time. The blue lights on TV or in your phone screen are considered disruptors of your natural sleep pattern. Just getting a break from multiple devices means that your sleep will improve drastically. Be sure to invest in the right camping equipments though whether it is a comfortable tent, a hammock or other accessories to make your trip safe and secure. 

  1. Healthier eating

It is a fact that exercising makes you crave nutritious and healthier foods. Somehow food simply tastes better when you cook it in the outdoors.

There is something magical about cooking food on a campfire or a campsite grill that cannot be replaced with home cooking. 

Many campers take this as a challenge to invest in a fresh, new lifestyle. You can stabilize your gut health by eating plant-based and fresh foods in the outdoors. Such a diet not only reduces stress but it also helps you detoxify. 

  1. A great way to meditate

If you have always found it difficult to meditate, then forest bathing might just be the answer for you. Many studies conducted over the health benefits of regular forest bathing show that it is an effortless way to meditate and rejuvenate. The concept? All you need to do is take a short, relaxed walk in the woods or a densely green area and let nature weave it magic around you. 

If you can do it bare feet, even better. Did you know that there are great advantages to walking bare feet? This is because the Earth has an infinite supply of free electrons that can instantly make you feel better. Camping is the perfect opportunity to take a walk in the wild terrains with nothing but your bare soles.

  1. Escape allergies and air pollution

The air that we breathe is increasingly becoming questionable in its quality. Air pollution is the leading cause of asthma and other breathing disorders that affect a majority of the population. 

When you visit a camping site, the presence of trees and wilderness immediately improves the air quality much beyond what purifiers can do in our urban setting. You are doing your lungs and allergies a favor by breathing in all that fresh, pollution-free air. 


Do not get glued to your desk and addicted to city life. Experience the joys and pleasures of sunshine, fresh air, and adventure as you recharge all your senses with camping.

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